Thursday, December 22, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Fw: Can nation be trusted in hands of Gujaratis ?

To - Jagdish Nauni

I support calls that this list should stick to core issues of discussing demonetization etc. and rise above regionalism and personalties.

All ESM, should be united against parochialism, regionalism and sectarianism.

However, that does not prevent any ESM from declaring that Gujaratis like Gandhi were traitors and unmitigated rascals who, like the cowards of RSS, hardly took part in the real freedom struggle for India to the extent that they did everything in their power to ensure that tens of thousands of Indian forces lives were lost defending the British Empire in WW-II.

While youth of Punjab, Maharashtra, CP and Bengal were fighting the British for freedom through revolutionary acts, the cowardly banias - mechants of Gujarat and Marwar (who you describe as highly enterprising lot) were funding the degenerate lifestyle of British in India and supported a collaborationist party Indian National Congress for appeasement, in which so-called Sardar Patel (Iron rat of India) was very much a collaborator. It is extremely foolish to say that Patel was responsible for a united India.

It is a great pity if ESMs like yourself measure success in terms of money and wealth generated through business. It is such kind of degradated values which causes Indians to worship goddess Lakshmi to exclusion of all other gods which is ruining the moral fibre of this nation and allows backward class or trading community rogues in politics to destroy the ancient Hindu nation and our great civilisation and caste structures which have protected Hinduism over millenia.

RP Dalvi

On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 1:19 PM, Jagdish Nauni <> wrote:
Mr. R Dalvi seems to be having some intense grudge against Gujaratis. while giving instances of some he forgets that Mahatma Gandhi was a Gujarati, Sardar Patel- the iron Man responsible for united India was a Gujarati and most of those adding to the growth of this country- businessmen are Gujaratis. Let him not ignore the fact that Gujratis are highly enterprising lot and they are not only successful in India where as per him they are given preferential treatment, they dominate the business in African countries and have strong presence in US and Uk. Before he suspect me to be Gujarati, I am a North Indian.
Even if he has to rent his hatred, he need not make a sweeping statement against a section of the society.
Jagdish nauni

On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 1:56 PM, Rina Mukherji <> wrote:
I second your thoughts,Mr Gaur. Demonetization has only added to the woes of us honest folk,our rural brethren and broken the back of small and medium industry,while leaving the big fish undisturbed.

Dr Rina Mukherji 

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