Thursday, December 22, 2016

[IAC#RG] Indian rupee next target for currency speculators

Dear Sarbajit

You are once again proved prescient in predicting the future

Mizuho Bank Ltd.'s Tokyo-based emerging-markets trader Masakatsu Fukaya likes India's rupee and Indonesia's rupiah. "The best pick is India because of its good fundamentals, room for further rate cuts and higher yields, all of which are making good conditions to attract fund inflows," he said. He is most bearish on China's yuan and then South Korea's won.

So the hot foreign money is likely being diverted to India through PNs and currency speculations along with great INFLATION rate and RSS fools will blindly believe that acche din are upon us again because the great Bill Gates and Warren Buffoon are parking their almighty dollars with us.

RP Dalvi

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