Saturday, December 24, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] URGENT WARNING: Have Debit Card networks across India been penetrated ?

What is the source of info for debit card failures? Not that I ever use cards, having heard of numerous thefts. Why doesn't anyone do anything about this? Does BJP listen to no one except its party workers in states going to polls?  See item on Rs 5000 crores mysteriously flown into UP in RBI chartered plane in Justice News yester-or day before yesterday. Can one use RTI to query RBI about its distribution of cash to each state/city? If not, why not? It's Governor has fallen from sacred cow status and proved to be a tame sheep just like the rest of us.

J. Roy

URGENT WARNING: Debit Card networks across India seem to have been penetrated

With effect from about 10:14 AM today the "" card authentication service appears to be in diffiuculty and millions of card transactions are being cancelled / rejected. Additionally, India's bank clients are being diverted to VISA / MASTERCARD secondary backups in places like Australia.

So be very careful while using your debit and credit cards online or at ATMs in next few days

Strangely I-CERT, the govt. cyber watchdog seems to be sleeping.

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