Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Can nation be trusted in hands of Gujaratis ?

Blind devotion which ignores the prevailing reality should be controlled by list moderators.

A "secret' decision was taken without adequate deliberation or planning by a small group of incompetent people, which has wiped out 86% of India's currency notes, caused immense pain, suffering and innumnerable deaths and you Modi apologists continue to blindly defend the indefensible ?

It seems you are unaware of principle of vicarious liability which has been earlier referred on this blog. Under this, Modi is responsible for each and every consequence of his actions.

Mr. Modi's secret actions, taken to benefit his cronies and himself, have shaken the faith and trust of common people in banking system, and India's currency itself. Instructions are being sent out to all the bhakts to lay the blame anywhere but at Modi's doorstep for his personal failure and "personal involvement in corruption" by this demonetisation.

It is inevitable that this demonetisation will cause people to buy and hoard even more gold which will inevitably cause our balance of payments to reverse. Now with US Fed raising interest rates hot FDI money is sure to flow out of India and the rising oil prices by OPEC cartel will put pressure on acche din which will only take place through manipulated and shallow rises in stock market timed from Q1:April-June 2017 after BJP wins rigged UP elections after buying off BSP.

RP Dalvi

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 12:19 AM, Sangeeta Bhasin <> wrote:

1) how is modi responsible if the bank managers and other indian citizens are corrupt?
2)  enough provision was nade to allow reasoable withdrawals by people in an austere scenario. if the entire operations were sabatoged by the bank and other people responsible for this, we should laud the response of the govt for having caught them redhanded  the delay in catching the culprits was because they needed to be caught redhanded not giving the opposition any chance to again make noise.
3) how deep the cancer of corruotion has spread makes it even more important that we support the efforts for our better future.
new starlite optiks

On 14 Dec 2016 8:52 p.m., "Prodipto Roy" <> wrote:

I fail to understand why Modi is credited with the economic rise of Gujarat. It was booming before the BJP itself was created, in the time of Chimanbhai Patel, for instance. In British times Gujaratis moved out of their region and bought up extensive properties in Bombay and in Calcutta, the first Raj capital. In fact, we could go back over 3-4000 years to Harappan times to see how Gujarati businesses together with Chinese traders on the Silk Route and countries of the Near East established cities, ports, carnelian and silk factories (and, later, diamond polishing houses) as important international manufacturing and trading centres in South Asia.

Modi's contribution has been to bend legislation and mould  political opinion to favour a certain class of business people with a particular religious affilliation, at the expense of its minority and ethnic tribal population.

And under him it has indeed become a police state, home to faked terrorist attacks, fake encounters,  killing of innocent 'suspects' in police custody and a state-supported pogrom against Muslims, else why were his police chief and minister arrested and put into jail after 2002? There has been grievious dispossession of tribal, farming and minority communities and huge environmental degradation by irresponsible industrial houses. The Sabarmati river and Alang are among the most polluted places on earth. Gujarat's future generations will pay the price for these policies.

Joya Roy

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