Monday, December 25, 2017

[IAC#RG] Two kinds of secularism.

Dear IAC members

It is with considerable regret that I inform our members that a 2-bit / 2 state) political party - run by a third class person has chosen to publicly attack India Against Corruption after their electoral defeats

While we can well understand the frustration why these people (correctly) believe that IAC/HRA was the main reason for their narrow loss in Gujarat, it is now time for us at HRA (Hindustan Republican Army) to say publicly what we had told them privately during Gujarat elections.

"India Against Corruption shall never, ever, support any political party which is either presided over or controlled by foreigners"

I also take this opportunity to make 2 additional points considering I was a small part of the work in Gujarat

1. Irrespective of who won (or lost) in Gujarat, 93% of candidates HRA supported won over there.

2. There are 2 kinds of secularism, the first kind by those who can afford by virtue of their strong Hindustani cultural heritage to treat all religions and castes equally, and the second kind conveniently practiced by Mr. Rahul Gandhi who is only secular when people ask him about his parents but always communal when asked about his maternal grandparents.

Because of this grave and uncalled for provocation by Congress Party directed at IAC, my seniors in the movement intend to take firm steps in 2018 to channelise our support to where it is needed and appreciated for nation building.

A merry Christmas to all Christians on this channel.

Sarbajit Roy

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