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Re: [IAC#RG] Bizarre anti-nationalism of Vice President Sh.VenkaiahNaidu?

Dear Major Upadhyaya

The basic issue is that in Mar 2017 the BJP mayor of Meerut started a practice of singing Vande Mataram before Meerut Municipal Board meetings.  As a result 7 Muslim members refused and walked out while it was played. Harikant Ahluwalia the then BJP mayor of Meerut refused to let them back in with taunts made to these councillors like "Sing Vande Mataram or Quit India". He proposed that membershp of those who refused to sing Vande Mataram be terminated.

It is clear, at least to the people of Meerut, that BJP's actions were illegal, political and communal and they elected a BSP municipal board.

Faced with this public slap by a lesser elected representative, Naidu reverted to his political animal self and made that outrageous statement designed to imply that Indian Muslims who refuse to sing Vande Mataram are anti-national. Who was Naidu referring to when he said "If not the mother, who would you salute, Afzal Guru," if not to Indian Muslims ?

Needless to say our (dis)honourably still political Vice President made this statement against a backdrop of some calendar art image of a so-called Bharat Mata holding an RSS dhwaja in her hand.

Leaving aside the propriety of Mr Naidu making televised statements from a private RSS function with such a backdrop, I fault Mr. Naidu for not knowing enough Bengali to know from Bankim's AnandMath that Bharat Mata has 10 limbs and not 2.

The actions of the BJP in Meerut were clearly illegal. Nobody can be forced to sing either the national anthem or the so-called national song. There is no law which makes singing of any song compulsory. Thiat such compulsory singing is unconstitutional is already decided by SC in the Jehovah Witness students case.

Similarly, there is no law which makes singing praise of worshipping idols and images (especially in temples) compulsory. Nobody can deny that the worship of idols of Hindu goddess originating from modern Bangladesh in Hindu temples is specifically praised in the later verses of Vande Mataram.

हृदये तुमि मा भक्ति,
तोमारई प्रतिमा गडी मन्दिरे-मन्दिरे।

त्वम् हि दुर्गा दशप्रहरणधारिणी
कमला कमलदलविहारिणी
वाणी विद्यादायिनी,

Mr. Naidu has greatly disrespected his Vice Presidential office by indulging in cheap politics unbecoming of his Constitutional post. This is what happens when party hacks are rewarded with such retirement postings at public expense..

Sarbajit Roy

On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 10:17 AM, Major upadhyay <> wrote:
I am amazed at the intellectual arrogance of some of the honourable and learned members who have resorted to question the integrity, patriotism or knowledge of the honourable vice president or a small person like me.

We have the space in our democracy to question the issues, policies and programmes of the governments at various levels. Being personal may be avoided. Questioning ideology may invite fierce backlash.

I am aware of the history of Vande Matram. The whole song is not sung at public platform. It was being sung in its truncated form at Meerut municipality till recently. Was it unconstitutional? Who says and on what basis? What is the law laid down by the apex court on this issue ? What happens in parliament ?

Who does not know that VP Naidu was a BJP man? What part of his speech is unlawful and under what provisions of the law ? 

Gentleme, please answer the basic question and stick to the issue, is my request and humble prayer.

On 11 Dec 2017 8:38 am, "Baby Varkey" <> wrote:
To all my Sanghi friends

The newspapers and TV reports and Naidu's own words at a RSS affiliate conference are quite clear.

These kind of rash political statements from a Constitutional functionary are all manifestations of a fascist and communal bankrupt ideology which proclaims that the "saffron is India's national flag and Vande Mataram is India's true anthem - Bhayyaji Joshi, Sarkaryavah of RSS",

What is this nonsense being spouted by Vankaiah Naidu that Vande Mataram only means "maa tuzhe salam" ie. saluting the motherland? It is nothing of the sort.

The historical fact is that British rulers were trying to impose their "God Save the Queen" as India's national anthem and demanding that Indians be forced to sing it. The collaborationist RSS leadership (all loyal worshippers of Queen Mother who never wanted India's independence) foresaw that the Indian people would never bow to foreign Queen Mother instead suggested to their British masters that Vande Mataram should be made national anthem so that Indians would be saluting the British Mother Empress indirectly.

Naidu's comments show even after 70 years of independence Sanghis still want foreign rule of India.

On Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 11:03 PM, Sudhir Srinivasan <> wrote:

Dear Paki's,

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