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Diktat of Ruling Party prevails upon ECI for sure, though it is amongst, it's vital functions, an Independent Constitutional Body with CEC + ECs having similar Powers, salaries & perks like Judges.
Persons who steer this Body look for favors & posts post retirement & this allurement continues to lower it's eminence & status.

Indian Democracy is in the midst of similar like erosions being made in our Judiciary - where will our Generations following find Public Figures of outstanding Ethics & Morality, today worries Elders;
therefore, writings herein deserve Greatest Priority & all our attention needs to Focus & ensure Decriminalization in Politics.

Writings of Albert Camus were recommended 50 years ago & totally agree it is rightful to stay clear as written herein "A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world"- Far too many reaching
print media & daily in TV channels presently.

Kudos to all herein who have written & take forward this crucial Topic.

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On Sat, Dec 9, 2017 at 9:23 AM, Radha Krishnan RN <> wrote:
There cannot be two opinions on the issue of ethics, be it for a public figure or a secluded one. Lack of ethics in anyone is like a germ that can cause harm to the society at some time or other. The deterioration of democracy world over and in India in particular is attributable to the erosion of the value for ethics in individual, common or a celebrity.

The issue is how and why the deterioration set in and how and if the deterioration can be reversed.

Regards RN Radhakrishnan

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