Monday, December 11, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Modi's fake nationalism dumps 1,800 Chinese troops permanently in Bhutan


Let us presume that each of us on this list is honest, intelligent and patriotic.

It is the nature of the electronic media which causes normal people to behave abnormally / out-of-character when they are online, especially when election processes are ongoing.


1) The tragedy is that the users (armed forces clients) have no, or very little, say over what armaments are bought for them or the price they are bought at.

2) It is also a given that Congress-era arms deals were riddled with corruption, poor quality and extensive procedural delays caused by babudom. Indian Army in 2014 was in a situation like the 1965 Indo-Pak war which was only stopped because both sides were out of ammo. It is equally true that BJP-era arms deals are now riddled with 5 times the "padding" as compared to Congress and these deals go through at lightening speed for the rightly connected people - since at least some ordnance reaches the forces, they are grateful for small mercies and perceive BJP as the better option, overlooking that procedures are bypassed and transparency is thrown to the winds and these deals are damaging the civil economy..

3) The consequence of these massive corruptions in BJP's mega deals is that the Indian rupee is increasingly worthless by the day. What used to cost Rs 1,000 before note bandi costs Rs. 2,000 today  The poor, the farmers are dying of hunger and under debt, the middle class is being squeezed like anything, underemployment is rampant, the real economy is in freefall and fearful and teh stock markets are being artificially primed to lure in retail investors. Modi sarkaar and Arun Jaitley are least bothered except at election time.

If we accept this as the situation, then solutions can be suggested and pursued.

There is a long list of things which are wrong in our motherland but merely shouting Modi-Modi, Bande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jai and abusing everybody else who disagrees will not solve them.

Sarbajit Roy

On Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 11:26 AM, Major upadhyay <> wrote:
What is your suggested solution, if any? Has it ever been tested any where in the world ? Who is going to implement your solutions ? What is the opinion of those people to your solutions who will finally implement it ? Has it ever been discussed, analysed and find worthy for trial ? Do you think that every one tasked to defend our country are spineless robot and only Modi and his ilk are are responsible for everything which is wrong in our motherland; My honourable and learned friend.

On 12 Dec 2017 10:53, "Baby Varkey" <> wrote:

Where is our PM Modi's "56 inch" chest now that our enemy no. 1 China has  permanently stationed 1,800 crack troops in Bhutan ? NB: Many more Chinese  troops on the way so China can "strategically" withdraw 1 step back after advancing by 3.

What was Modi's 56 inch bra size after Dalai Lama praised China's role in Tibet ?

What will Modi do if the 36 Rafale jets manufactured (but yet to be delivered) by his mitron Ambani to take off and their missiles are found to be as empty as Anil Ambani's corp firm bank accounts (Rs. 45,000 crores debt in RCOM alone) ?

What will India look like after another 2 years of Modi misrule ? Probably only the size of Gujarat mitron with entire North East swallowed by China.

The tragedy of India is that we only have Twitter clowns like Modi, Pappu and Kejri as our leaders and no leader like Shastri who walked quietly while defending the country.

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