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Mr Rodrigues
A political system which is captive of money power nourishes  on capitalism . Sex drugs and similar crime are prime progeny of capitalist society in pursuit of churning money . Values smashed render such hedonist society  flaccid and porous  easily penetrable  . Best nursery for politicians to groom their musclemen and goons not only to amass ill gotten gains for funding elections but as agents to intimidate people and spread fear. This  breed cannot flourish without shelter of the State . A State which turns a blind eye to anarchy and moral destitution in its subjects becomes a threat to itself and to its people. We are in such a State . How do you think that Pak managed to penetrate terrorists right in heart of our airbase in Pathankot and still to this day none have paid for this treachery and treason , no one is held accountable to this day, if not because drugs and money from it have silenced the State and no different in Goa! If Hindu Godmen can be running sex dens and extortion rackets under protection of State and this can mean business as usual then sit back and wait for worst.
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The drug menace across Goa is a matter of very grave concern and should have received the Government's top most priority attention and action. Unlike a few years ago, the narcotics trade today is no longer restricted to the coastal belt. They are being openly sold and merrily consumed in every nook and corner of the State with even all of the hinterland infested. They are freely available at the markets, bus terminals and even at the entrances of some many educational institutions.

Due to lack of coercive and corrective measures by successive governments we have reached a point of crisis where even the law enforcement officials are now helpless. Instead of combating the source of drugs, all that we have been hearing is empty rhetoric on eradicating drugs while the ground reality is that the hazard is only spreading further across the State.

With ruling politicians lending patronage to the drug trade, Goa today has been officially reduced to a narcotic, sex, gambling and crime haven. A very unsafe destination and a very sorry state of affairs.  

Posterity will never forgive the current bunch of ruling politicians for their selfish role in the irreparable damage and destruction of what was once known as beautiful Goa, the Paradise of the East. 

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