Tuesday, December 19, 2017


In year 2012 47+% voters voted for BJP rule and this time 49 + %. Means more than 1% voters shifted their support to BJP . This is the simple arithmetic. When more voters supported BJP, large section of medias and others find it as a BJP loss. Congress lost their government from Himachal and unable to win despite all odds bringing together against BJP in Gujarat. Still this is termed as great victory to Rahul Baba. Medias are giving moral boost to Rahul despite his inability to do any thing for the party. This seems to be a greater game plan to Keep Rahul in the forefront in 2019 so that Modi can face a week opponent in next general election . So far game is working in favour of BJP and even congress loose Karnataka media will again try to boost the moral of Rahul Gandhi ..

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Despite all that abundant money and muscle power at hand, the BJP even after all the sheer misuse of its administrative authority was not able to woo the people of Gujarat. That they just managed to scrape through in the home State of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah which has been a saffron bastion for more than two decades is infact a real humiliation for the Prime Minister and the BJP Chief. A clear indication of the people's disgust over the skewed policies of the government. The BJP which had set a lofty target of 150 seats had to eat the humble pie and be content with just 99 with the Congress clinching a whopping 80. The BJP may have won, but not a moral victory. The verdict is indeed a psychological triumph for the Congress.  

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