Monday, December 11, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Modi's fake nationalism dumps 1,800 Chinese troops permanently in Bhutan


Some political fringe elements are pushing malicious write-ups in the group lessening its relevance.

A educated group to be conscience keeper should avoid blabbering, be respectful to people and positions and offer ideas for solutions for greater deliberations. Just to be a Nay sayer in everything does not lead to any meaningful purpose. Just a wasteful time in reading the posts.

Be considerate Please.

Nabajyoti Das
On 12-Dec-2017, at 10:44 am, Baby Varkey <> wrote:


Where is our PM Modi's "56 inch" chest now that our enemy no. 1 China has  permanently stationed 1,800 crack troops in Bhutan ? NB: Many more Chinese  troops on the way so China can "strategically" withdraw 1 step back after advancing by 3.

What was Modi's 56 inch bra size after Dalai Lama praised China's role in Tibet ?

What will Modi do if the 36 Rafale jets manufactured (but yet to be delivered) by his mitron Ambani to take off and their missiles are found to be as empty as Anil Ambani's corp firm bank accounts (Rs. 45,000 crores debt in RCOM alone) ?

What will India look like after another 2 years of Modi misrule ? Probably only the size of Gujarat mitron with entire North East swallowed by China.

The tragedy of India is that we only have Twitter clowns like Modi, Pappu and Kejri as our leaders and no leader like Shastri who walked quietly while defending the country.
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Nabajyoti Das


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