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I am an insignificant voter always wanting for better quality of life. But the pollution and crowds continue to deteriorate my quality of life. Travel in trains is no pleasure. Trains are long, dirty and over crowded and usually run late; 2 hrs late is new normal.
Population Growth is an insurmountable challenge which no politician is willing to address.
Something wrong with our Constitution and adult franchise. Add to it is refugee entering the country.
BJP, Congress and  lesser regional groups must motivate me for showing the  moon. I must decide whom  to vote. Plu ca change, plu cest la mem chose, the French would say. More you change, more it is the same thing.

I am hopefully waiting for demise of 1st Republic and birth of the 2nd, to address Jats, Gujjars, Patidars et al. 

RN Goil

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Well you can interpret it either way for both parties but  certainly it is a setback for BJP and encouragng for Congress.

The qustion now must be asked- how far the PM can convass in the State elections and misuse the Govt. funds and machinery for party

propogation. The PM has certainly been overdoing it in all State Elections and making reckless allegations against all and sundry. He is neither maintaining the dignity of the post he is holding nor hiding his parochial leanings. To him the end justifies the means-fair or foul,
victory at any cost. But surely the mood of the people is changing and they have started realising- it is a mere rhetoric and sloganeering
without any ground realities.
Back in Goa, Manohar Parikar is stated that anti-india feeling is developing in Goa. Is there any substance ?

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Despite all that abundant money and muscle power at hand, the BJP even after all the sheer misuse of its administrative authority was not able to woo the people of Gujarat. That they just managed to scrape through in the home State of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah which has been a saffron bastion for more than two decades is infact a real humiliation for the Prime Minister and the BJP Chief. A clear indication of the people's disgust over the skewed policies of the government. The BJP which had set a lofty target of 150 seats had to eat the humble pie and be content with just 99 with the Congress clinching a whopping 80. The BJP may have won, but not a moral victory. The verdict is indeed a psychological triumph for the Congress.  

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