Wednesday, June 22, 2011

GAG ATTEMPT ? Re: [HumJanenge] Black Money DUE to TRUST DEFICIT ? ? ?

Can you EXPECT honesty from Aam Aadmi when the Janta sees, day in & day out, it's money being SQUANDERED on hair brained SARKARI schemes ?
Mumbai drowns in its own shit year after year, especially since July 2005; after spending100 of Crores for drain cleaning & yet Mumbai sees itself flooded; year after year.
Tax payers money down the BMC drain literally ! 
Same with Roads or ANY & EVERY SARKARI infrastructure. 
98% tax levied by Morarji's sarkar is the starting point of massive Indian money hidden abroad.
Can't expect Janta to Practice what is ONLY PREACHED & THEN BREACHED by the preachers themselves, unless in UTOPIA !
Dangerous Speak:
a) Is it dangerous to Expose Bad Roads & uncleaned drains after paying 100 of Crores in tax money to get them maintained ? ? ?
b) Food Grain rotting while farmers are starving & the % of poor IS double that is claimed by sarkar, to MISLEAD.
  . . . . . For fighting a "wrong" the "means" MUST be indeed pure/////
EXISTANCE of wrong MEANS, Fightere are NOT Pure ? ? ?
AAM JANTA, Anna Hazares & Ramdevs to give up Fighting the wrongs, UNLESS PURIFIED first ? ? ?
CBI, CVC & all Govt institutions to "PURIFY" themselves, BEFORE TAKING UP THEIR DUTIES ?
Sarkari Sants (netas-babus) speak the same language !
"Desh ko bachao sant o se" !
Janta to continue EXISTING / surviving, as they have been, for 64 years; without HOPE of REDMPTION ! ! !    
Parvez Jamasji
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--- On Wed, 22/6/11, Sant Mathur <> wrote:
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People,anyone has to discrage one's duty in absolute terms and in relative one.
Can a murderer say that unless first the more undetected heinous crimes are detected he/she can't(and shouldn't ) be touched(or booked / chargesheeted / convicted) ?
It's sure sign of ABSOLUTE ANARCHY/JUNGLERAJ to even dream of concepts of playing one's role in life(on all fronts: social/cultural/political/legal etc) in relativistic terms. Civilsation has no place for vendetta/vengeance etc and only Bollywood flicks thrive on such concepts(unfortunately).
Dharma, on the other hand tells to discharge one's righteous duty irrespective of consequences.
If Mr Parvez Jamsi's posting is to taken in othe form other than satirical mode, it would trully speaking be a dangerous speak.
Excuses not to discharge one's rightful duties,under any pretext /garb / misconceived notions is deplorable / illegal / condemnable.
By all means set the wrong right.Two wrongs don't a right make.Its just too well known.
For fighting a "wrong" the "means" MUST be indeed pure.
s p mathur
IPS DGP (retd)
On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 7:40 PM, Parvez Jamasji <> wrote:
Black Money DUE to TRUST DEFICIT  ?
Why this black Money ?
1. India DOES NOT TRUST it's Govt with their Money, therefore; WILL HIDE IT.
2. People see their money's PURCHASING POWER PLUMMETING.
3. People see their tax money go down the drain, due to numb skull sarkari planning; roads, bridges ET AL, that fail ALL & ANY QUALITY CONTROL test. 
CM of Mumbai was shown a "POT HOLE in the "fly over" at the time he INAUGURATED it ! couple of days ago.
4. People don't get value for their tax money, squandered as it is on neta-babu's "study" tours abroad along with their family & staff.
5. neta-babus know Black Money BEST, therefore their "MARG DARSAN" to the people of India to keep their Money SAFE, "THERE"
Thanks for your time.

Best Wishes.
Parvez Jamasji
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