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RTI fee can be paid on-line to MCD by credit and Debit cards.

MPs, MLAs and Councillors are available on the websites

The details of the MP's LAD funds will be displayed in their constituencies by 30th July


M K Gupta


        While all the laws regulates the citizens, the RTI Act has the provision of penalizing the govt. staff in case of violation but the main objective of the Act is not to penalize but is to get the information.  This is a simple Act and this is the peoples Act against the Government as in this, the respondent is always government. Says Satyananda Mishra, Chief Information Commissioner. To give information without demand is in the interest of all.  In case we succeed in preparing a common list of such information, it will be possible to put pressure on the govt's departments to suo-motu down-load such information on the websites of different departments.


On the occasion, Shailesh Gandhi, Information Commissioner said that RTI Act is not a weapon but a tool to improve the working of the Government.  This is also in favour of the Government officers and in the public.  He regretted that as per Section 4 of the RTI Act, many information are necessary to be down-loaded suo-motu on the website but no body implement this in letter and spirit.  Moreover, websites are not updated regularly.  He called upon the participants to tell the nature of information which should be available on the website, we will implement that but the public will have to monitor that.  If that can be implemented, we will be able to effect improvement in the government working. Shailesh Gandhi informed that the break up of MPs, MLAs and Councillors are available on the websites.  The details of the MP's LAD funds will be put in their constituencies by 30th July and he said that public should also demand for the updating of the websites regularly.  He also said that in future, the orders will be sent on emails. During the meeting, it was also informed that on every last Friday, record on maintenance of CPWD will be available suo-motu.


A presentation on the section 4 on the basis of IC, Shailesh Gandhi's order was given.  It was also informed that now the RTI fee can be paid on-line to MCD by credit and Debit cards.  IC informed that the action taken on the suggestions will be informed to the participants on their emails.


On the occasion, President of Dwarka Forum Rejimon CK submitted written suggestions to the CIC Satyananda Mishra and IC Shailesh Gandhi.  He also said that the provision of putting penalty is very important as without that, it will be difficult to implement the Act in letter and spirit.  Sushil Kumar, General Secretary stressed the need of timely up-dation of the websites, protection of RTI workers.  M K Gupta  of DF thanks the CIC for taking initiative in organizing the meeting.


Mr Neresh Lamba of Sahabad Mohamadpur said that for the last three years, the website of Delhi Police has not been updated.  Details of welfare schemes and Public Grievance Cell of every department must be available on their websites.  Some representative said that the reasons of sealing and unsealing the property should also be available on the website so that the public can know how some illegal property has become legal overnight and seal has been opened. Jugal Kishore Dividi said that the details of birth and death certificates, issue of voter cards should be available on the website. He also stressed that public private and private partnership should come under the purview of RTI Act. Kuldeep Solanki of Palam, and A.S. Chatwal, RWA, Sector 8, Dwarka also expressed their views.


Meeting ended with the vote of thanks.


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