Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Re: [HumJanenge] Internship & Volunteership

good work  keep it upkeep me posted fof all your a ctivities
Mrs.Shashi Minz

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Subject: [HumJanenge] Internship & Volunteership

Thinking to become a Change Maker and Serve the society. If you have
knowledge, Fresh energy, Love for Environment and willingness to share
our passion, work on the assignment provided online, then Green Yatra
is right place for you. Join us as we raise our concerns and act to
save Mother Nature for better present and future and push for
development that is both sustainable and equitable. Your research,
communication and advocacy skills will surely earn you some pride.

To be a part of Green Yatra, all you need is • A passion to become a
change Maker for environmental issues • Willingness to examine them in
a hands on manner. We value fresh, experience, passion and talent, no
matter what your background is. If you want to contribute for the
betterment of Mother Earth and make billions life Go Green and in the
process enrich yourself, we will be happy to hear from you. For
further information and updates please mail us at:
Looking forward to your support and participation.

Go Green Kids: An Innovative and Sincere effort to Save Mother Nature
where GenNext: children will Be Change & Change Maker and will Inspire
and Teach their Parents, Elders and Teachers to that How to be Green
in daily life to Save Mother Earth and also can won prizes worth Rs.
2,00,000 with scholarships.... Be the part of Change and Support us ..
Spread the words... It for All. visit

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