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Re: [HumJanenge] CBI EXEMPTION

I agree with you.  No PIL in a hurry and the same should be filed after thorow home work so that is is not defeated in the scrutiny of the court of law.  Sometime, opposite party manage filing a hoax and weak case to shut the door of the lower judiciary or High Court.  The vacation time should be gainfully used in drafting an strong petition.

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Dear General Singh

Unfortunately the Delhi HC and SC are on vacations. In the meantime some people have filed a PIL in the Madras HC and notice has been issued to UOI. From media reports it seems to be a political PIL. We can expect many more of these to be filed by the usual dubious people, proxies, NGOs and publicity seekers.

OTH, when we go to SC at leisure pace, it will be a properly researched and drafted Writ with the inputs of the affected stakeholders, and the advantage of understanding the Court's mind in other cases..


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I was very happy to learn that it is intended to file a petition in
the SC regarding exemption given to CBI in the RTI Act.

An important point that must be included is that the RTI Act is also
used for obtaining information from CBI that has nothing to do with
investigation. This may concern administrative matters, corruption in
the CBI itself, malpractices being followed and so on. As you may be
aware, I am being prosecuted by the CBI for writing and publishing a
book that brings out corruption in RAW. I have filed several RTI
applications and with the CBI, followed by appeals in the CIC, some
connected with the case and some totally unconnected.

I had submitted an application dated 15/06/2009 seeking certain
information regarding monetary awards, gallantry awards and out of
turn promotion given to CBI personnel during the period 2001 to 2008.
(A similar application with the Special Cell of Delhi Police brought
out very interesting results). The CBI HQ transferred the applications
to various offices around the country. Most of them replied, giving
the information asked for. I have still not been able to go through
all the replies – they run into thousands of pages and weigh 40-50
Kgs. From whatever I have seen, it is clear that the CBI has evolved
an ingenious system to increase the salary of its staff. Almost
everyone gets a monetary reward, every month, even for mundane tasks
like driving a car, carrying files, cleaning the office etc. In other
words, everyone effectively gets the salary of one rank higher. A head
constable earns as much as a sub inspector, while a sub inspector gets
what an inspector earns.

A story on this was done by Saikat Datta in Outlook Magazine on 21
September 2009. I understand that after this, the process of awards
was tightened.  Once the CBI is exempted, the CBI will resume the
practice, wasting the tax payer's money. This type of information will
also not be available to the public. This is an important point that
must be included in the petition


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