Saturday, June 25, 2011

[HumJanenge] Assembly website, and information in the House

Dear all:

A whole lot of crucial information surfaces from the Goa Assembly very
regularly, but very little of this reflects in the website of the Goa
Assembly. For instance, the text of questions are often included in
the website, but not the replies.

In the past, annexures to questions were sometimes laid on the table
of the House, on the logic that the annexures were bulky and couldn't
be distributed widely. Given the fact that so much taxpayer money has
been spent in the name of e-governance (and also that webspace is
cheap today), there is no excuse for not sharing this information now.

When I approached the Goa Legislature Secretariat under the Right to
Information, they said that the website is currently undergoing a
security audit by NIC Delhi (in any case, there is no element of
secrecy or confidentiality about Assembly answers!) and said that the
concerned government departments "don't provide the information in
soft copy". They have also promised that the data will be uploaded
once the audit is completed.

In view of the importance of this information to the public debate in
the State, kindly consider writing about this issue. The reply of the
RTI query is enclosed. FN

FN +91-832-2409490 or +91-9822122436 (after 2pm)
#784 Nr Lourdes Convent, Saligao 403511 Goa India

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