Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[HumJanenge] Black Money DUE to TRUST DEFICIT ? ? ?

Black Money DUE to TRUST DEFICIT  ?
Why this black Money ?
1. India DOES NOT TRUST it's Govt with their Money, therefore;  WILL HIDE IT.
2. People see their money's PURCHASING POWER PLUMMETING.
3. People see their tax money go down the drain, due to numb skull sarkari planning; roads, bridges ET AL, that fail ALL & ANY QUALITY CONTROL test. 
CM of Mumbai was shown a "POT HOLE in the "fly over" at the time he INAUGURATED it ! couple of days ago.
4. People don't get value for their tax money, squandered as it is on neta-babu's "study" tours abroad along with their family & staff.
5. neta-babus know Black Money BEST, therefore their "MARG DARSAN" to the people of India to keep their Money SAFE, "THERE"
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