Thursday, February 23, 2012

[HumJanenge] Governor rejects RTI appointments

The Central Govt has decided to postpone the selection of 6 ICs till
after the UP election results are out. That way Madam Mayawati can
still get her lal batti in Delhi, and (like Shailesh Gandhi) can pay
for an army of junior lawyers to predraft their orders to which they
merely affix their rubber stamp signature.

The state government had last month appointed eight information
commissioners at one go. However, a majority of them are either active
members of the ruling Congress or have been recommended by the ruling
party bigwigs. There are allegations that political considerations
alone had guided the selection process. The appointment of S Imtiaz
Ahmed, Lam Tantiya Kumari, M Vijaya Nirmala and Varre Venkateswarlu,
all associated with the Congress, triggered widespread protests.

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