Sunday, February 26, 2012

Re: [HumJanenge] No delay at CIC. 45 days to hearing/disposal.

I had filed a complaint in august 2010 related to no reply from
petroleum ministry related to information demanded on section 4. when
i filed rti as to ask the action taken, it was decided on feb 15 with
issuance of notice. many of the cases filed by in may 2011 (IC-SS) are
yet to be heard.
i had filed many cases in feb 2011 related to bsnl (MLS). all except
one are yet to be heard.
I had filed many cases related to income tax department, CBDT in
november 2011. all are yet to be heard.
even there is no mention on the cic website about cases filed against
bsnl, income tax

On 2/26/12, sarbajit roy <> wrote:
> Dear members
> I have just had a PRIVATE chat with some people authorised to speak on
> behalf of CIC (I am fighting them in a case before SC)
> 1) The actual outstanding pendency in the CIC is only around 2,700
> cases (data wef Jan/Feb 2012)
> 2) The biggest culprit in terms of cases stuck is IC(Shailesh Gandhi)
> who has around 800-900 cases stuck with him, some from as far back as
> July 2011. In comparison CIC(SM) is up to date with a a pendency of
> around 40-50 days.
> 3) No. 2 in terms of delay is IC(AD).
> 4) Whereas the CIC website reflects that around 27,000 cases are
> pending, there is some computer glitch and the figure has been
> multiplied by 10 due to file movement and poor dak records..
> I have no comments on these statements. My dear readers are encouraged
> to share their the list.
> Sarbajit

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