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Re: [HumJanenge] No delay at CIC. 45 days to hearing/disposal.

Mr Sarbajit,

That is NOT true !
The person you met from the CIC wants to tell you what you want to hear so that you can spread misinformation on this group

1. My Second Appeals and Complaints filed way back in Dec 2009 are still pending.

2. The first pending list put up by the Registry of CIC SM had only 6 of my cases listed as pending, when actually they are 18. The other 12 files are lying below the chair of Mr PKPS !

3. The new pending list put up by CIC SMs registry shows no cases pending against my name. Where did those 18 cases disappear suddenly ?

4. 6 other cases in CIC SMs registry (not included in the 18 listed above) are also not appearing anywhere. On 30 Dec 2011, during a visit to the CIC, I had personally seen 4 of those files on his table. The other two files were seen on the table of a subordinate in the ante chamber of CIC SM - with the handwritten remarks of CIC SM "This is an important matter raised by the appellant and the matter should be scheduled for hearing as soon as possible".
But once gain, no trace of those. Now it is nearly March 2012. Why haven't they been scheduled and Notices issued ?

5. The less said about the Registry's of IC DS and SS, the better.
I have 2 cases pending in IC DSs registry. Cases pertaining to the same PA and filed much after my filing dates have already been heard and decided, although mine are still pending. My case filing dates are 25/1/2011 and 5/6/2011

Ditto with Registry of IC SS -  2 cases pending since Jan and March 2011.

6. The IC voted as "Best" by this group (IC MLS) is no better. A order dictated by him on 30 Dec 2011, in my presence, was uploaded on the CIC website on 21 February 2012 - after several rounds of follow up from my side. The signed order has still not been received by me till today - probably this IC and his staff take the term "snail mail" very literally ! 

You can verify all the above from the CIC website.

Do not believe in all the non sense dished out by people in the CIC. Officers and Staff of the CIC do not even know what is happening under their own noses - unless of course they have a vested interest in the matter/case.

PS: A-la Khushwant Singh, I have enough material now, to write a joke book based on experiences with the CIC inward department and the different Registry's !


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Dear members

I have just had a PRIVATE chat with some people authorised to speak on
behalf of CIC (I am fighting them in a case before SC)

1) The actual outstanding pendency in the CIC is only around 2,700
cases (data wef Jan/Feb 2012)

2) The biggest culprit in terms of cases stuck is IC(Shailesh Gandhi)
who has around 800-900 cases stuck with him, some from as far back as
July 2011. In comparison CIC(SM) is up to date with a a pendency of
around 40-50 days.

3) No. 2 in terms of delay is IC(AD).

4) Whereas the CIC website reflects that around 27,000 cases are
pending, there is some computer glitch and the figure has been
multiplied by 10 due to file movement and poor dak records..

I have no comments on these statements. My dear readers are encouraged
to  share their the list.


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