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Dear Sir

Unfortunately MODERN SCIENTIFIC METHODS do not bear out hypothesis
like "Aryan Invasion Theory" etc.
I direct your attention to the last statement therein

"The genetic affinities of both the ancestry components are
incompatible with substantial gene flow into the region during Max
Mueller's purported Indo-Aryan invasion 3,500 years ago"

It is foreigners like him who have diluted our history, religion and
culture with their pseudo-knowledge of India's "sacred verses".


On 2/29/12, mmp kala <> wrote:
> Friends,
> I disagree that Rig Veda states that Hindus came from Persia; the book
> contains no history but is a collection of RICHAs (verses) composed by
> various sages and passed on to the next generation through word of mouth
> (SHRUTIs) of their disciples and followers (there was possibly no script and
> the Richas had to be pronounced exactly in the same manner as that
> prescribed by the composer else one was to be consigned to hell after
> death). It was Ved Vyas and his disciples who compiled and wrote down the
> Vedas.
> The historians believe that the first immigration to India was from Central
> Asia and Afghanistan. The Aryans came via the Khaibar Pass and settled down
> in Indo-Gangetic plains.. Subsequently the Sumerians (Aryans in Persia)
> came via the Bolan Pass and settled in Baluchistan, Sind, Rajasthan and
> Central India. The natives were few and could not fight the new comers who
> had horse, bow and arrows and a well organized social structure. They would
> therefore resort to attack by night and were called nishachar. In Sanskrit,
> Dasyu is other word for the enemy, and those of them who were defeated and
> captured were called Daas or slaves. The Aryans ushered education and
> knowledge,; their way of life was soon accepted in South India also.
> Yes, Hinduism encompasses the various ways of life system in vogue amongst
> the Aryans who initially worshiped all that was super natural. It was a way
> of life of the Aryans which was called Hinduism much later; initially there
> were the Aryas and the Anaryas in India.
> Col MMP Kala.
> --- On Tue, 28/2/12, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
> From: Sarbajit Roy <>
> To: "Surendera M. Bhanot" <>, "humjanenge"
> <>
> Date: Tuesday, 28 February, 2012, 11:02 PM
> Dear Surendra,
> The Sanskrit term Sindhu refers to the river Indus (pronounced "In-doos")
> The people from Persia (which includes Iran) referred to people on the
> other side of the river as Hindoos, just as some Maharashtrians living
> on one side of a certain mountain range refer to those on the other
> side as "ghatis".
> In any case for 1000's of years now it is quite clear who the Hindoos
> are ... ARYANS who came running across the Indus river after being
> defeated by the PERSIANS. The native people of India are NOT Hindus,
> but have had "Hinduism" IMPOSED on them. All this is clearly explained
> in the Rig Veda (which is the only authentic Veda - the rest either
> having being considerably corrupted over time or considerably
> fabricated). In fact the losing Aryans call their "Gods" as "Devas"
> and their Devils as "Asura". Whereas the victorious Persians call
> their God as "Ahura" and their devils as "DEVils". (BTW, I am not
> saying all this or making it up, it is published by the
> Ethnographer-General of the Govt of India in 1912.)
> So it is immaterial if Hinduism is tainted or not, or the language is
> tainted or not. IT is what is accepted by the majority people of this
> country,if you dont like it REFORM IT or emigrate to Pakistan.
> Sarbajit
> On 2/28/12, Surendera M. Bhanot <> wrote:
>> Dear Friends,
>> Hindu is a tainted name came from the Sindhu, meaning people living in the
>> Sidhu Ghati. This name was invented by the aranians. So there is no
>> mythological history of the name Hindu. Its like the naming a new-born.
>> Nobody names himself. Its the others who mane you to recognise you.
>> Sarabjit is not the name you gave to yourself. It was bestowed on you by
>> your nears and dears.

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