Saturday, February 25, 2012

[HumJanenge] Re: Government, judiciary not interested in RTI disclosures

Hi Manoj

I m replying about your email as well as those of Dr. Sandeep Gupta.

1) Dr Gupta's applications/petitions are not properly drafted (in my
humble opinion). He is unlikely to get any reply from SC, and only
small / partial info from MoUD.

2) Your own email about AICTE is not very clear.

It is precisely because of such issues that a leading NATIONAL News
group plans to file over 1,000 RTI requests which will definitely get
some results. We also plan that an identical copy of the RTI request
is filed by some like minded Members of Parliament

What we need are latest EMAIL IDs of all CPIOs of troublesome P/
As. !!!

I repeat

What we need are latest EMAIL Ids of all CPIOs of troublesome P/
As. !!!

Please assist us.


On Feb 25, 10:21 pm, Manoj Kamra <> wrote:
> Dear Sarbajit Roy ji,
>        AICTE ---forget about 4.1.b , this notorous body of Mr.Kapil sibal
> is adamant to ignore applications.A little part of 4.1.b exposing major
> corruption for AICTE are------------------
>                     (a) list of engg colleges recognised by
> AICTE------- since last five/ten years -------yearwise
>                     (b) staff strength of AICTE regional/head office in
> last five/ten years (as same staff is handling 10-times work (10-times
> earning))
>                     (c) last two inspection reports of engg colleges of
> rajasthan(or any state) --------as per its RTI reply, AICTE declared to
> have destroyed and retaining only last inspection report whereas as per
> AICTE Act, inspection is to be carried out at least once in every two years.
>               Such suo-motu information especially, list of engg colleges
> is not being made available.
> , Highcourts-------- Even CIC decisions are not being complied. How can we
> expect 4.1.b information.
>  with regards
> manoj k.kamra
> On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 7:39 AM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
> > Dear Members
> > VERY URGENT - please respond.
> > One of our members, who is very high up with a leading
> > newspaper/publishing group has kindly offered to file "at least" 1,000
> > RTI requests to PIOs of various CENTRAL public authorities asking for
> > their suo-moto disclosure of section 4(1)(b).
> > The most shocking cases of non-implementation will then highlighted as
> > a daily series spanning over 2 weeks.
> > I would therefore request our members to email me (or to the group)
> > working EMAIL IDs of each and every CPIO of those CENTRAL public
> > authorities they are interested in exposing.
> > As I know that many of our members are otherwise quite lazy arm-chair
> > RTI warriors, I shall regularly be posting this appeal to stimulate
> > them into action.
> > Sarbajit

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