Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The trishul waving LUMPEN element is completely ignorant of what
Hinduism actually is.
Every year Delhi is invaded for about 3 or 4 days by Shiv Bhakts doing
"kavad seva". They are completely "hopped out" on a mix of loud music,
drugs and "faith". They race around on motor-cycles and trucks
flaunting their lumpen-ness. It is futile to teach them anything.
Blind fanaticism is dangerous in all religions. To such people we must
clearly say you are NOT a HINDU. The people who demolished the Babri
Masjid were NOT HIndus. The people who burnt a train at Godhra were
NOT Hindus. Just as the people who killed 200 people in Mumbai were
NOT Muslims.

The terms "pseudo secular" refers to people like Salman Khurshid who
take the high moral ground in Parliament and on TV, but say all kinds
of different things to get their kith and kin elected. So you are
right, such people are NOT secular, NOT Hindu and NOT EVEN Muslim.
They are NOTHING.

Sir, You know very well that the senior officers exhorting people to
vote for political parties are the dregs of the Army who toadied and
fawned their way to their "seniority" while meritorious officers were
sidelined and overlooked.


On 2/28/12, pavan nair <pavannair1@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Mr Roy,
> I appreciate your response. For me the term 'hindutva' represents the
> politico-militant side of hinduism. A picture of trishul waving men wearing
> saffron coloured headbands comes to mind. That certainly does not represent
> hinduism which is a way of life rather than a religion. The term
> 'pseudo-secular' has been coined by the right. You are either secular or
> you are not. There will certainly be people in the Congress also who are
> non-secular. I feel that the connotation of 'secular' is quite different
> from 'hindutva'. For instance, the army was secular till about a decade
> ago. For the first time an ex-service organisation has recently asked its
> members to vote for the BJP. This is a dangerous trend. I may vote for the
> BJP on my own but to be told to do so by an organisationheaded by several
> senior and eminent officers indicates that something is wrong. I would also
> think that a truly secular person would be liberal, tolerant and open. Col
> Nair

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