Sunday, February 26, 2012

[HumJanenge] Re: on AICTE and fake certificates

Dear Agnes

You hold very strong opinions and are all ready to go charging off
into battle using RTI.

RTI is very weak weapon IN ITSELF.

I am an engineer, and can doubtless suggest a few questions you can
ask your MP. Unfortunately, engineers like me, Mr Shailesh Gandhi, Mr
Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Karira etc. would have ourselves forgotten
the answers we learned in college


On 2/26/12, Agnes Kharshiing <> wrote:
> Dear Mr Manoj,got your mail to Mr Roy and could not help but give a few
> things of what could be true.. AICTE is not providing as most engineering
> degrees are fake and bought. ...The MP form Shillong, from our State says he
> is an BE engineer from Jalpaiguri but such classes are not there. He never
> attended his work when he was SDO and that proves he does not know his job.
> Now we just have to trap these engineers and ask them a few basic questions
> related to their studies. Just a suggestion and I would like to file an
> RTI....on this.Agnes KharshiingPresident of the CSWOShillong Meghalaya

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