Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dear Surendra,

The Sanskrit term Sindhu refers to the river Indus (pronounced "In-doos")

The people from Persia (which includes Iran) referred to people on the
other side of the river as Hindoos, just as some Maharashtrians living
on one side of a certain mountain range refer to those on the other
side as "ghatis".

In any case for 1000's of years now it is quite clear who the Hindoos
are ... ARYANS who came running across the Indus river after being
defeated by the PERSIANS. The native people of India are NOT Hindus,
but have had "Hinduism" IMPOSED on them. All this is clearly explained
in the Rig Veda (which is the only authentic Veda - the rest either
having being considerably corrupted over time or considerably
fabricated). In fact the losing Aryans call their "Gods" as "Devas"
and their Devils as "Asura". Whereas the victorious Persians call
their God as "Ahura" and their devils as "DEVils". (BTW, I am not
saying all this or making it up, it is published by the
Ethnographer-General of the Govt of India in 1912.)

So it is immaterial if Hinduism is tainted or not, or the language is
tainted or not. IT is what is accepted by the majority people of this
country,if you dont like it REFORM IT or emigrate to Pakistan.


On 2/28/12, Surendera M. Bhanot <bhanot1952@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> Hindu is a tainted name came from the Sindhu, meaning people living in the
> Sidhu Ghati. This name was invented by the aranians. So there is no
> mythological history of the name Hindu. Its like the naming a new-born.
> Nobody names himself. Its the others who mane you to recognise you.
> Sarabjit is not the name you gave to yourself. It was bestowed on you by
> your nears and dears.

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