Friday, February 24, 2012

Re: [.RTI.] Re: [HumJanenge] Panel: Bring NGOs, PPPs under RTI

Yes indeed, if there is transparency in running the affairs of the NGOs, I see no reason why they resist coming under the preview of the RTI act.

Regds - Mohammed Afzal.

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Yes! I agree 100% with you, since I came across 2 such NGO,s  groups geting  hell lot of money from Govt in the name of looking after the welfare of Widows in VRINDABAN & its amazing to know that they are living in a Pathetic conditions. 

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A "high level panel" on public health has said that NGOs (code word
for societies and trusts) should be brought under RTI Act. Next they
will say that every hospital with an X-ray machine  should be exempted
from RTI as a "nuclear installation". Amend the RTI Act to allow this
and clarify the situation once and for all.

More rubbish from our national newspapers who have run out of news to


"Every non-government organisation (NGO) and Public-Private
Partnership  (PPP) project should come under purview of the Right To
Information Act, a panel appointed by Prime Manmohan Singh has said. A
high-level panel on public health has told the government that RTI
should be made mandatory for all NGOs and public private partnerships
working in the social sector such as health to improve transparency
and accountability. "

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