Sunday, March 25, 2018

[IAC#RG] DEFICIENCIES observed in Annaji's satyagraha from March 23rd 2018

Bhrastachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyas
(Anna Office)
Ralegan Siddhi


Kind Attn: Shri Anna Hazare and other trustees BVJAN

Dear Annaji


We at INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION, jan andolan were delighted to observe you from afar at Ramlila Maidan when we visited on March 24 2018 and made a token contribution to your trust.

As fellow activists and concerned non-political citizens who have participated with you for over a decade in various RTI and social programs please read our genuine comments / brotherly advice on your present andolan / satyagraha very carefully.

1.  It is a sin to God, and a criminal offence under the Indian Penal Code, to take affidavits from innocent activists and victims of scams as a precondition to join your anti-corruption movement which contain declaration(s) that the deponent promises to never join political party(s) or stand for political office in the future. It appears that you are unware that India is a democracy and participation in politics / democracy is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution of India only suspended during times of Emergency. Accordingly the INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION is constrained to protest that your BVJAN membership affidavits are either (a) deceitful devices to filter out those opposed to corruption.from participation in democractic processes or (b) to locate independent persons to be sucked into a certain political party. .

2. There is rampant misuse of NATIONAL FLAG (tiranga) at your satyagrahas. If it had been anybody else but you, the INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION would have put the offenders in jail by now. eg.

a) We are unable to tolerate that numerous ladies you brought from Maharashtra were draped in the tiranga (tricolor) and as such using the open latrines one had to pass through to enter the venue of your protest because Modi Sarkar's intolerant Govt had blocked all other access gates to your protest site except the one entrance which passed throgh these open latrines where Swach Bharat mission has not yet reached..

b) We are unable to tolerate that you have placed yourself above the National flag and were speaking from a raised platform high above the National Flag.

c) We are unable to tolerate that you are waving the National Flag when the Flag Code of India and Supreme Court judgments (eg. Navin Jindal versus UoI) only permit private citizens to wave paper flags and that too on nationally important occasions / days.

d) You should know that fund raising organisations like trusts and societes are specifically barred from using the National Emblems in a way to lower the public esteem of the emblem or to dishonour them..

e) The venue of your satygraha is alongside Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi named in honour of Shri Asaf Ali whose wife Smt. Aruna (nee Ganguly) Asaf Ali raised the tiranga at Azad Maidan to ignite Gandhi's Quit India movement when all national leaders had been arrested. You will surely recall that the British wanted Indians to salute their flag "Union Jack" and Aruna Ganguly's brave act of raising the flag of India was a protest against that Government and its Union Jack flag. Hence, we at INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION cannot understand why you insist on waving the flag of the very Governments you claim to be protestng against. If yours was a true act of protest against the Government you would have waved the Union Jack at your Satyagraha to remind the present Govt that they should stop behaving like the East India Company.

3) We at INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION are unable to understand why you are associating wth and supporting the Staff of the PACL Ponzi scam who were instrumental in deceiving lakhs of innocent investors out from their savings. Even today all that these staffers and their unions want is for PACL to restart business so that their PONZI scams wil continue.

4) Lastly, we are unable to understand why some BJP workers close to Ms. Kiran Bedi, and who were earlier in Aam Aadmi Party are on your latest Core Committee. This is probably the reason why many disillusioned persons prefer to stay away from your anshans and consider you a BJP / RSS agent yourself.

We sincerely implore you not to continue your satyagraha unless the above mentioned deficiencies are corrected


Jai Hind

Sarbajit Roy

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