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Re: [IAC#RG] Annaji, some suggestions for your new proposed andolan [from INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION]

Dear   Selfless   Friends
Annaji is in 81st year of his life time and so am I .Anna Ji has seen hardlife in armed forces , so have I. Annaji's First tryst with campaign aginst  corruption started in Delhi with a press conf in Press Club in 2010. Annaji was present , so was I . Annaji sat on fast Unto DEath at Jantar Mantar on 05 April, 2011, so did I. So what is the difference? I anticipated what all we witness after Annaji's Chief follower bade farewell to Annaji. He behaved in the same manner with Anna AS THE IS did with 39 Indian prisoners in Mosul, Iraq. IS TOOK WORK FROM THEM BEFORE THEY KILLED THEM. The Chief follower did precisely the same with Anna.I had given an advance counsel to Anna in a 7 page letter written in Hindi, on his home address in MAHARASHTRA, THERE WAS NOT EVEN AN ack. Thank GOD  , NAMO COMPENSATED SOMEWHAT. I am not in any politics nor in any political party., a caveat.

Pl ponder

Er. Omkar Razdan, Former Vice Chairman and, Life Member, Transparency International,India,

On Friday, 23 March, 2018, 1:48:24 AM IST, Ghulam kundanam <> wrote:

नैतिक समर्थन

आपके आन्दोलन के आह्वान पर
आन्दोलित है हमारा तन - मन,
सुना है है पक्ष और पार्टी न आएँ
ऐसा है आपका कथन,
इसलिए अन्ना जी आपको
हमारा है नैतिक समर्थन! हमारा …

गाँधी जी की इच्छा के विरूद्ध,
भगत - शुभाष क्रांति में  रंगे,
व्यवस्था में बदलाव के लिए हम
लिए राजनैतिक कीचड़ से पंगे,
इसलिए अन्ना जी आपके पास
हमारी छायामात्र रूपी मन।  हमारा …

स्वतंत्र - स्वच्छंद आप महात्मा
आपका धवल - स्वेत सुंदर मंच,
काजल की कोठरी के हम दीपक
संघर्ष कर रहे की जीते सच,
इसलिए अन्नाजी आपका हमारा,
उद्देश्य एक है पर अलग है रण। हमारा …

नोट: अन्ना जी की सभी माँगों का हम नैतिक समर्थन करते हैं। हम पक्ष और
पार्टी के सदस्य होने के नाते सहभागी नहीं हो सकते पर उनके सारे मुद्दे
पर हम काम कर रहे हैं भले ही रास्ते अलग हैं, ठीक उसी तरह जैसे गाँधी जी
और नेताजी के रास्ते अलग थे पर उद्देश्य एक ही था … भारत की आज़ादी।
किसानों के कृषि उपज को लागत के आधार पर देड़ गुना जादा दाम मिले.
सिर्फ खेती पर निर्भर 60 साल के उम्रवाले किसानों को प्रतिमाह पांच हजार
रुपया पेन्शन मिले.
कृषि मूल्य आयोग को संवैधानिक दर्जा तथा सम्पूर्ण स्वायत्तता मिलें.
लोकपाल कानून तुरन्त लागू हो, लोकपाल कानून को कमजोर करनेवाली धारा 44 और
धारा 63 का संशोधन तुरन्त रद्द हो, हर राज्य में सक्षम लोकायुक्त नियुक्त
चुनाव सुधार के लिए सही निर्णय हो

Õm - Õnkār - Allāh - God…..
ॐ - ੴ - الله - † …….
Jai Hind! Jai Jagat (Universe)!

- ग़ुलाम कुन्दनम्
(Ghulam Kundanam).

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नैतिक समर्थन.....

On 02/03/2018, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
> Dear Shri Nag
> Every "True" Hindu shares your sentiments. Religion and all aspects of it
> are personal matters and any attempts by lumpens to impose their prejudices
> should be exposed and firmly opposed.
> To clarify,
> Our only desire in this public conversation with Annaji's office is to
> point out the absurdity whereby a HALAL BEEF EXPORTER approached Annaji at
> Ralegan Siddhi in 2016 claiming to be his follower / volunteer from IAC
> 2012 days and Annaji appointed him as Ad-hoc Chairman for his
> anti-corruption andolan and asked him to add volunteers to BVJAN under the
> code of conduct drafted for *Jan Tantra Morcha* (ie. affiidavit .rejecting
> political options etc.)
> It is for Annaji to explain how he, who professes to a strict vegetarian
> and proponent of ahimsa, associates with beef exporters for his andolan, in
> the same manner his guru Ms. Kiran Bedi has previously explained her
> funding by diamond exporters..
> It is for Annaji to recall that IAC was very kind to him on 5 March 2011
> and did not pursue his prosecution that day for his anti-national activity
> in Delhi which IAC Co-Convenor Veeresh Malik had recorded in high detail
> and sent to me for my opinion.
> Incidentally Veereshji (who knows Anna since decades) has clearly exposed
> the reciprocal links between diamond exporters and beef exporters for
> setting off in HAWALA. So IAC is not against lawful consumption of beef or
> diamonds, we are against the illegal aspects of these businesses.
> Sarbajit
> On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 7:55 PM, Hirak Nag <>
> wrote:
>> Dear Indian citizens, I was born in August 1935 at Malda, West Bengal as
>> a
>> Hindu boy and continue to be a 'True' Hindu, I started eating Beef in
>> boarding school at Darjeeling in 1944 and continue to eat the meat , with
>> relish ! I have never considered it wrong or demeaning. I also eat
>> mutton,
>> chicken and other edible meat products, Jhattka or Hallal. Let us rid
>> ourselves of 'made-up' animoisity  of foolish prejudices that add to our
>> already unwanted prejudices. We are a country of many faiths, cultures,
>> beliefs and practices, we should feel proud to be living peacefully with
>> such diversity. Let us continue to do so and think ONLY of how to
>> progress
>> WELL and set an example to the World, with respectful regards, Hirak Nag.
>> On ‎Thursday‎, ‎01‎ ‎March‎ ‎2018‎ ‎09‎:‎27‎:‎19‎ ‎IST, Sarbajit Roy <
>>> wrote:
>> Dear Shri Razdan
>> Jammu and Kashmir is an integral and inalienable part of India
>> (Hindustan). It is a great pity that certain persons associated with Anna
>> movement chose to dispute this reality from his movement's banner and for
>> which they were soundly thrashed.
>> Unfortunately Sir, there are certain foreign financed "human rights"
>> people *associated withTransparency International* who are already
>> running so-called RTI, transparency and anti-corruption initiatives in
>> J&K
>> which are mostly focussed on depicting that our security forces are an
>> occupying force. In these circumstances it becomes difficult for us to
>> find
>> any genuine anti-corruption RTI activists in J&K who will conduct their
>> activities as per IAC's high standards of ethics and impartiality. Each
>> and
>> every member of IAC's Core Committee is an eminent RTI activist with
>> extensive personal networks, so if we cannot find such honest and
>> effective
>> people, it is doubtful if they exist anymore or are prepared to work with
>> J&K's rotten version of RTI Act..
>> In so far as an anti-corruption andolan for J&K goes, the ethnic
>> cleansing
>> in the state and insufficiency of democratic process there presently
>> makes
>> such an operation challenging. However, we see a trend towards
>> inregrating
>> J&K into Hindu rastra emerging there which may turn the tide.
>> Finally, there is great controversy about links between Transparency
>> International and George Soros' Open Society. I am sure that you know
>> that
>> George Soros views and publishes J&K to be a separate independent
>> country,
>> which presently makes it impossible for IAC to associate with
>> Transparency
>> International in any way.
>> "
>> *An Anti-Corruption Org Swimming in Conflicts of Interest
>> <>*
>> "
>> corruption/
>> I hope that you appreciate the spirit of our frank reply
>> Sincerely
>> Sarbajit Roy
>> National Convenor

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