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Re: [IAC#RG] If a monkey brain was transplanted into Raul Vinci's skull ....

This group is a disgrace to humanity. This country can do without its venom-spewing, obviously communal hate agenda. I have now learnt from this group that being a proud Hindu means using abusive language and spreading hate and anger among people, exhorting them to kill, lynch, flog, burn those who disagree with your version of Hinduism. What a sad and pathetic bunch you are. Don't call yourselves proud Hindus, barbarians is a far better description 

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No comment... Only Jay Hind & Jay hindu samaj

On Wed 21 Mar, 2018, 8:50 PM Sarbajit Roy, <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Pandian, Mr. RN Malhotra and Ors

1. It has been openly declared on this list since day 1 that the IAC is a wing of Hindustan Republican Army founded in 1924 by Sachindranath Sanyal, Chandrashekhar Azad etc.. In fact HRA's members were from much older movements who were initially involved in the "garam dal" (hot faction) of Congress movements before moving on to the violent (non-Gandhian) struggle for freedom . So to say that we have suppressed that we are religious "zealots" (?) is unfair.

2. It is also unfair to repeatedly imply that because today we criticise the Congress that we are pro-BJP/RSS (we are not), or that we avoid criticising the BJP, for when we do criticise BJP/RSS/Modi in the strongest terms we are accused of being Congis. Every post made to this list is publicly archived and accessible through google searches so you can see it for yourself.

3. It has never been hidden from this group that we of HRA believe that "Veer" Savarkar was a patriot. In fact IAC had demanded for his image to also be on Indian currency notes with other freedom fighters like Tipu Sultan. What is this country reduced to if BOTH these corrupt parties insist on only promoting the arch traitor Gandhi as the father of our freedom and to exclude and obscure the entire pantheon of Hindustanis (Hindus and Muslims) who died or were jailed for our freedom ?

4. Since I have been accused of making baseless "allegations" about various Gandhis in my post, I shall separately list out in fine detail all the reasons why Rahul Gandhi is NOT a Hindu, has no caste (it is a fraud on Hinduism and Hindus for Congress party to say he is janeudhari Brahmin) , and he is not part of the so-called Gandhi-Nehru family of which Indira "Gandhi" was a member but was cast out of it.

5. I would also like to say that IAC did not cast the first stone against Congress. It was Congress spokesperson Deepak Babaria who alleged that IAC is a RSS front organisation, and which is complete nonsense, since we openly say that the RSS is as much of an anti-national foreign controlled organisation as the Congress Party is.

6. Let me also say that wings of our parent organisations (after all Hindu Samaj of India was founded in 1849), in the distant past, assassinated MK Gandhi, and we will never ever apologise for it or deny it like the RSS does.

7) It is for Raul Maino Vinci and Sonia Maino to explain how the traditions of the Indian National Congress Party (which my great grandfather was a past Chairman of) has deviated from the practice of annually rotating their Presidents and concerting it into a permanent position for the family.

8) Lastly, it is incorrect to say that I am communal or practice/preach divisiveness. HRA, is staunchly secular and has always stood for Hindu-Muslim unity against the Judeo-Christian forces which still rule India through their rotten and usurious financing systems and webs of lies and deceits.

NB: If anybody does not like the truth we stand for and publicly declare, please unsubscribe and join Anna Hazare and all those other deceivers when they start their Lokpal agitation om March 23rd at Delhi supported and financed by twin communal forces of corruption, ie. Congress and BJP/RSS to keep the nation divided and in a state of perpetual turmoil.

Working President
Hindu Samaj of India

On Wed, Mar 21, 2018 at 11:00 AM, P.C.Pandian <> wrote:
Mr. Roy has brought down the dignity of the group to abysmal ravines. I had a very high regard for him as a crusader against corruption. He has proved himself to be a cheap narrow minded religious zealot. Say, is corruption religion - speci,fic? How can we ignore minority BJP governments founded on corruption and NPA mines procured on public money?
Can we believe a person 25 years into Indian politics devoid of corruption, just because he controls all media? Please, please, come out of your religious shell and work against a larger evil. Regards.

On Mar 21, 2018 04:04, ravindra malhotra <> wrote:
 A porn mail from a member of Hindu Samaj ! I never thought Hindu Samaj would ever believe in these interpretations.


From: Sarbajit Roy <>
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Subject: [IAC#RG] If a monkey brain was transplanted into Raul Vinci's skull ....

Dear IACians

According to a still allegedly unmarried gay young Italian Raul Vinci, who allegedly superceded 12 other party General Secretaries to become President of the allegedly "Indian" National Congress party like his alleged mother, alleged father, alleged grandmother, alleged great-grandfather were all allegedly before him, --- some "Mahatma" Gandhi was 'their' alleged nationalist who allegedly fought the British from inside a jail cell for 15 years whilst 'our' "Veer" Savarkar was a disgraceful traitor cavorting in the balmy beaches of Andamans begging the British for clemency.

It is high time, in the interest of the Hindustani nation, that some true Hindus shut this Italian fool up, to permanently join "Our" father who art in heaven ....

Hindu Samaj of India

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