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 While it is agreed that there is no other leader at present to replace Modi, who is doing his best, there are a few inaccuracies in the statements below -

Under BJP rule, GDP growth in every year has been less than even average of GDP growth in last 5 years of Manmohan Singh
Exports have been regularly falling
Demonetisation, a major initiative, failed to achieve any of the stated objectives
Job creation is not even 20% of its target
It is true he has no family or anyone after him but after abandoning his own wife, passions are created before elections about wives abandoned by other religious group, to garner Hindu votes

Yes in the end there is no body else to replace him and he has achieved in many areas.


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We don't need BJP Mukt Bharat. What we need is Congress Mukt Bharat. Fortunately we are already very close to having that.​
Having said that, I don't think Modi is perfect. Here is how he has been described :

Do I think Modi is perfect ? NO.
Do I believe Modi doesn't make any mistake ? NO.
Do I believe Modi government has fulfilled all that we want ? NO
Do I feel he will make India like Europe or USA in his lifetime ? NO.
But I stand by his side like a rock. Why ?
Because I do believe he is doing whatever he can in a very honest, dedicated and committed way. 
Because I do believe he is giving his best to improve the country in all areas.
Because I have seen that massive corruption at cabinet ministerial level has disappeared. 
Because I have seen that India has not witnessed any terror attack on civilians in last 4 years under his rule..
Because I have seen him taking unpopular steps just to make sure subsidies and taxes reach to the poor people and not middlemen.
  Because I have seen him working hard to make sure India becomes a member of MTCR, Waassenar group, Australia group and achieving diplomatic successes which we couldn't think of in last many decades. 
Because he has pushed forward many reforms which are not going down well with people today, but will unleash a new India when the results of those reforms - structural, economic, infrastructural will be visible in next 8-10 years.
Because I know even if he is not perfect, he is much better than Lalu Yadav. He is much better than Akhilesh Yadav. He is much better than Mayawati. He is much better than Mamata Banerjee.. He is much better than Rahul Gandhi. 
He is a hard working person. He has no family or anyone after him. He has his shortcomings. Which man doesn't ? Anyone of you who keep abusing him, are you even a fraction of him in dedication, focus, integrity, hard work and getting things done !! 
He is cleaner than all the names I took above. He is not corrupt. He is visionary. He has solutions to many problems (if not all).
He may not make India like Europe or US in his lifetime however hard he tries. But atleast he is governing much better than previous regimes. Check macro and micro-economic parameters. Compare infrastructure growth. Compare core areas. Compare GDP growth. Compare wholesale and consumer inflation. Every single parameter is much healthier than before.
Yes there are problems. Governing a country as heterogenous and vast as India which has been reeling under problems since centuries is never a joke.
Now ask yourself - who can and who has the capability to solve your problems ?
Hardik ? Alpesh ? Jignesh ? Tejaswi ? Akhilesh ? Mayawati ? Mamata ? Lalu ? Yechury ? Kanhaiya ? Pappu?
They all are baying for Modi's blood (not in literal sense), they grill him now and then. Have they ever suggested any single solution to the problem ? Have they ever suggested what steps will they take to solve the problems ? What is their vision ? What is their method ? 
Negative politics bordering the line of activism is good. But it is never right for country when the alternative is absent.
That's why I am and I will stand with Narendra Modi Ji like a rock. I am happy to be labelled a bhakt. I take pride in it.
- Written by Kshitij Mohan Singh

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Hello Rodrigues

The scum that is ganging up to throw out Modi better run away from this country. I hope Modi imposes Emergency to put these criminals in jail . He maybe left with no choice in the matter.

Vivek Mundkur

On Mar 17, 2018 02:00, "Aires Rodrigues" < > wrote:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a good talker and a master in rhetoric theatrical blabbering. But the nation has now realized this and will not be fooled anymore.
Narendra Modi has made merry jetting across the globe while the country has ebbed to dire straits. And more importantly while eroding the autonomy of even the Reserve Bank, Election Commission and the CBI, Narendra Modi and the BJP have ruptured the secular fabric of our great nation.
Our India must wholeheartedly and selflessly unite against the deviously Communal, Corrupt and very Divisive BJP. 
Time to politically trash the BJP to restore our country's Secular fabric that the founding Fathers of the Constitution had so dedicatedly toiled for.

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