Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Re: [IAC#RG] If a monkey brain was transplanted into Raul Vinci's skull ....

Dear Munish

The initial misunderstanding with Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan has been resolved, offlist. In fact I am surprised that our mutual friends in AAP have wisely nominated such a scholarly person as Delhi Minority Commission's Chairperson, quite unlike the way the backdoor way they appointed Swati Maliwal as DCW Chairperson.

I had a wrong first impression of Dr. Khan and vice-versa.

I would again strongly disagree with your views on Hinduism / Islam. Actually both these religions are strictly monotheistic and inherently secular (unlike Christianity), however, when "church" and "state" overlap and interfere it breeds zealots / fanatics who tamper, rewrite and distort the fundamental tenets and who should be denounced and weeded out.

Since you previously believed in the theory of "common people" (Muquallid) cults (ie. AAP, INC, TMC, BJP etc.) who follow  by  blind  invitation, and point  out  the  faults of the cults of others. The  charismatic  cult leaders work  upon  the  followers  to the  extent  that some  people  consider  some  stones and  vegetables or animals or currency notes with human images are the real objects to be worshiped. Contrawise the Mujtahids or religious profounders  try to filter untruth  and the true propositions from the fallacious ones, and invariably will  turn to the One Being who is the fountain of  the harmonious organisation of  the universe, and will pay attention to the good of  the society.

People wrongly believe "secularism" to mean tolerance. In fact secularism means total separation of religion from state and vice versa. Ergo, if I wish to publicly practise and propagate my Hinduism and keep my morals and self respect, it means I should stay out of politics.

Finally, Raul Vinci should remember that Mohandas was not the only Gandhi (or Congressman) which "HRA" has assassinated in the national interest of the Hindustani people.


On Wed, Mar 21, 2018 at 9:02 PM, "Dr. Munish Raizada" <> wrote:
I totally concur with Mr. Sarabjit Roy's views, particularly his reply to Dr. Khan. Even though this platform is for fighting corruption, we may treat Mr. Roy's post/comments as personal. Even if we discuss on the definition of secularism, no one comes closest to the term better than a Hindu, as Christianity, Islam and other monotheistic faiths are inherently parochial and against the concept of democratic choices and have no scope of debate if you do not accept the basic tenets. And about Raul Gandhi, I am shocked as to how we can tolerate a dynastic scapegoat on our democracy.

Munish K Raizada, MD, FAAP
Board Certified Neonatologist
Chicago, USA

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