Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Re: [IAC#RG] If a monkey brain was transplanted into Raul Vinci's skull ....


You were part of AAP, but were suspended alongwith Bhushans, Yadav and all the other Kiran Bedi implants in AAP, then through Yogendra Yadav you almost joined Congress and linked up with Captain Amarinder Singh and publicly declared your support to him for Punjab elections.

Now it is open knowledge that Kiran Bedi and Amarinder Singh have again teamed up to oppose third front "Federation" which AAP is sure to be major part of for 2019. So who is paying for ANNA HAZARE's arrangements like tenting and steel structures costing at least 2 crores at Ramlila Maidan ?

Before you speak of no donations campaign, declare the funding of Anna Hazare satyagraha for March 2018 and disclose the Beef exporters in your team.

People will not forgive you and Anna Hazare if you deceive them again. I shall repeat Sarabjit's apt reminder to Rahul Gandhi for benefit of Anna Hazare also. Anna should also remember that Mohandas is not the only Gandhi (or Congressman) which HRA has assassinated.

RP Dalvi

On Wed, Mar 21, 2018 at 9:02 PM, "Dr. Munish Raizada" <> wrote:
I totally concur with Mr. Sarabjit Roy's views, particularly his reply to Dr. Khan. Even though this platform is for fighting corruption, we may treat Mr. Roy's post/comments as personal. Even if we discuss on the definition of secularism, no one comes closest to the term better than a Hindu, as Christianity, Islam and other monotheistic faiths are inherently parochial and against the concept of democratic choices and have no scope of debate if you do not accept the basic tenets. And about Raul Gandhi, I am shocked as to how we can tolerate a dynastic scapegoat on our democracy.

Munish K Raizada, MD, FAAP

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