Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Re: [IAC#RG] If a monkey brain was transplanted into Raul Vinci's skull ....

Mr. Roy has brought down the dignity of the group to abysmal ravines. I had a very high regard for him as a crusader against corruption. He has proved himself to be a cheap narrow minded religious zealot. Say, is corruption religion - speci,fic? How can we ignore minority BJP governments founded on corruption and NPA mines procured on public money?
Can we believe a person 25 years into Indian politics devoid of corruption, just because he controls all media? Please, please, come out of your religious shell and work against a larger evil. Regards.

On Mar 21, 2018 04:04, ravindra malhotra <indiaresists@lists.riseup.net> wrote:
 A porn mail from a member of Hindu Samaj ! I never thought Hindu Samaj would ever believe in these interpretations.


From: Sarbajit Roy <indiaresists@lists.riseup.net>
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Subject: [IAC#RG] If a monkey brain was transplanted into Raul Vinci's skull ....

Dear IACians

According to a still allegedly unmarried gay young Italian Raul Vinci, who allegedly superceded 12 other party General Secretaries to become President of the allegedly "Indian" National Congress party like his alleged mother, alleged father, alleged grandmother, alleged great-grandfather were all allegedly before him, --- some "Mahatma" Gandhi was 'their' alleged nationalist who allegedly fought the British from inside a jail cell for 15 years whilst 'our' "Veer" Savarkar was a disgraceful traitor cavorting in the balmy beaches of Andamans begging the British for clemency.

It is high time, in the interest of the Hindustani nation, that some true Hindus shut this Italian fool up, to permanently join "Our" father who art in heaven ....

Hindu Samaj of India

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