Friday, March 16, 2018

[IAC#RG] people of India/world wake up

Dear fellow citizens:

Limits of telling lies and well-orchestrated pursuits of sectarian objectives are already past in the utterances and actions of the present dispensation in government. I do not blame them entirely. It is natural or at least convenient to get drawn towards someone telling you to be 'superior' than the rest of humanity. Even those having privilege of education and exposure to scientific knowledge opt to subscribe to such views. It is important that the education system produces enlightened and not just literate citizens with a sense of parity and independent views. The groups today are on a rampage to demolish any institutions promoting debates and questioning. It goes up to re-writing history and misleading certain sections by selectively glorifying their past. On the ground they continue to lynch people, discriminate between communities, indulge in anti-woman, anti-weaker section and anti-secular activities and their leaders loudly assert to be prophet for all. It is time the Indian voters woke up and disqualified them from seeking votes. However, other political groups will also have to show the vision, commitment, wit and grit to uphold democratic values with required transparency and accountability. We need to evolve intellectually to include the entire humanity in our scheme of world democracy after accomplishing the same in our own context.

Long live India, long live humanity,

Pramod Yadava, Professor (superannuated) & Former Dean, School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 110067, INDIA

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