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This should be copied to the Chief Justice of India too, it is too important an issue to exclude the Judiciary from its purview.

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There is a TOTAL COLLAPSE of Merit based HRD system in India – On page 19 TOI Aug 6, 2016 news item caption being 34% of State mantris face criminal cases.
Page 10 TOI March 12, 2018 reporting an increase of 2% – 36% of all MPs, MLAs facing criminal charges – 1765 Law Makers Being Tried: Centre to SC
Instead of Mandate to reduce Tainted, on the contrary, they have INCREAESD!
We have our best playing & representing India in Shooting, Badminton, Cricket, Hockey – likewise we have to ensure they be MLAs, MPs right the way up after 73rd
CITIZENS rise – soon it will be a collective thrust to GET Ministry of Law & Justice + ECI to stop being CAGED PARROTS OF RULING PARTIES but be INDEPENDENT bodies.
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India Against Corruption
                                                                                                 HOW  TO  MAKE  MPs  AND  MLAs  BEHAVE


Nandini Voice for The Deprived (, a Chennai based non government organization conducted an All India study to ascertain what people think about the behavior of MPs and MLAs, particularly in the context of parliament remaining paralysed for more than fourteen days now and violence in state assemblies with a MLA even going to the extent of trying to hit others with the mike.The study was conducted by circulating a message through a few popular blogs and individual communications in several ways to the attention of cross section of people all over India.
The message conveyed the anguish of Nandini Voice for The Deprived about several MPs and MLAs stalling the proceedings, rushing to the well, shouting at the top of their voice even when Prime Minister is speaking and using abusive language and paralyzing the functions, with total disregard for presiding officers. People were asked to state their views on the above deplorable conditions and suggest solutions to find a way out.
Even within three days of circulating the message, number of people responded from all over India. The highlights of the views and suggestions expressed are given below.
1. Without exception, every respondent shared the anguish about the present conditions and stated that the august institutions of parliament and assemblies have been brought into ridicule by misbehaving MPs and MLAs. In the process, they are doing tremendous harm to the reputation of India and Indians all over the world.
2. Most people expressed surprise and shock that the Speaker of Lok Sabha, Chairman of Rajya Sabha and Speakers in the state assemblies simply allow the misbehaving MPs and MLAs to get away with their behavior by simply making oral appeals to them and without taking any effective steps to impose necessary disciplinary measures and restore the dignity of parliament and assemblies.
3. Most respondents expressed their frustration and anger but would not know what they can do when the Speaker of Lok Sabha, Chairman of Rajya Sabha and Speaker of state assemblies hesitate to exercise their known powers and residual powers to make the house function smoothly. Respondents think that simply adjourning the sessions when MPs and MLAs misbehave is no solution.
4. As immediate solution , it was suggested that salaries and perks of all MPs and MLAs should be totally cut for the entire day, if the session would not function smoothly for minimum of one hour every day.
5. If more than fifteen hours would be lost due to the interruptions, then seven days of salary and perks should be cut for every fifteen hours of disruption.
6. Some respondents even suggested that marshal should be brought in to remove the misbehaving members forcefully. But, others said that to start with, salaries and perks should be cut and then it should be seen whether situation would improve by this measure, before initiating further remedial action.
All respondents felt that the ball is now clearly in the court of the presiding officers and they should act with determination and courage to restore dignity of the houses. If they would not do so, they would disappoint the people and make them lose confidence in the process of democracy as a form of quality governance.
Findings of the study has been submitted to the Speaker of Lok Sabha, Chairman of Rajya Sabha and President of India for their consideration.
Nandini Voice or The Deprived

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