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Re: [IAC#RG] DISCUSSION: Is Rahul Gandhi a Janeudhari (Brahmin) Hindu as INC claims ?

Dear Rina

You are mistaken

Feroze Gandhi never converted to Hinduism.

The photo you refer to is very well known and was stage managed by Congress at Nehru's desire for political reasons, since neither Feroze nor Indira were Arya Samajists at the time. After Feroze's death in Willingdon hospital the Congress Party / Indira Gandhi hurriedly cremated the body before Feroze's relatives could reach Delhi. Later his ashes were buried in the Parsi cemetry near Allahabad at the insistence of his Parsi family despite the way his remains were disposed of contrary to Parsi traditions and over objections of some conservative Parsis.

About SMA you are wrong, it was originally proposed as the Brahmo Marriage Bill, 1871,as desired by a renegade (Christian) section of Brahmo Samaj under Keshub Chandra Sen but after strong objections from the real Brahmo Samaj which considered themselves as Hindus it was renamed as Special Marriage Act 1872 (Act III of 1872) and is considered the first true secular law of India. An updated version was notified in 1954. Feroze and Indira could easily have married under this law and their marriage would have been 100% legal. Instead the Congress has fabricated this myth that Feroze converted to Hinduism and married Indira by Arya Samaj rites to cover up that no legal marriage took place..

Actually, the Arya Samaj has never in its history converted somebody who was not a convert out of Hinduism. The shuddhikaran ritual is only for those who have left Hinduism (say to Islam or Christianity)  and then returned to Hinduisim. There is no ritual in Arya Samaj to convert a Zorastrian Parsi into a Hindu. Please read Saryarth Prakash carefully on this point.


On Thu, Mar 22, 2018 at 11:48 AM, rina mukherji <> wrote:
Feroze Gandhi and Indira Nehru were married as per Arya Samaj rites. Nehru's biography says so. The book also has photographs of the wedding which was solemnised as per Vedic rites. Feroze Gandhi had been brought up as a Parsi Zoroastrian but converted toHinduism as per Atya Damaj rites. On death, he was cremated and his ashes immersed in the Sangam at Allahabad by Pt Nehru. There are photographs testifying to it from newspapers of that period. 

In short, the Gandhi family should be considered Hindu. But Sonia Gandhi may have brought up her children as Roman Catholics.

As regards the Special Marriage Act, it came into effect post-independence.  Since Indira and Feroze got married pre-independence,  how could they have availed of it?

Dr Rina Mukherji 


On Thu, 22 Mar 2018 at 9:23, Sarbajit Roy
Dear IACians

The INC RTI cell has consistently refused to accept my RTI's concerning public statements being made by their official spokespersons that Rahul Gandhi is a Brahmin (2012) and that he is a Janeudhari Brahmin Hindu (2017).

Because INC is a public authority under RTI Act as held by Central Information Commission, I had recently approached the Election Commission to transfer my RTI to INC. The Election Commission CPIO after 3 months replied to me and evaded transferring my RTI application to INC/AICC. The ECI also says that they have no information about Rahul Gandhi's parentage,religion, caste etc.

So it is high time that Hindustanis know certain facts about Mr. Rahul Gandhi's false claims to be a Januedhari Hindu of Brahmin caste.

1) Rahul Gandhi's parents are apparently Shri Rajiv Gandhi and Shrimati Sonia Gandhi.

2) As per affidavits filed in Delhi High Court in 'Menaka Gandhi versus Indira Gandhi and Anr' and finding of the single judge (later challenged in LPA before DB), Shri Rahul Gandhi's brother "Sanjay" was a Parsi and not a Hindu, and Menaka Gandhi (aka Maneka Gandhi) was quite aggrieved that.the court had concluded that Sanjay Gandhi (who married Maneka under Special Marriage Act) was a Hindu and not a Parsi merely on the say of Indira Gandhi without allowing evidence to be led on this point. As per Maneka Gandhi both she and her husband Shri Sanjay Gandhi were clear that their intestate succession would not be under Hindu Succession Act but under Indian Succession Act since late Shri Sanjay Gandhi was a Parsi and hence their marriage under Special Marriage Act 1954.

NB: The definition of "Parsi" in the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act 1936 is for mariage between two Zorastrians, and it is nobody's case that Indira Nehru was a Zorastrian at time of her marriage to enable a marrige under Parsi Marriage Act 1936..

3) The LPA bench curiously observed that Shri Sanjay Gandhi was not a Parsi because it was not proved he was a Zorastrian (ie. one who has Navjot ceremony) and the Indian law is silent on who exactly is a Parsi. The LPA court also observed that Sanjay Gandhi's father Feroze Gandhi was a Hindu because he allegedly married Indira Nehru by "Vedic" rites. Of course the court overlooked that Feroze Gandhi's mortal remains are buried in the Parsi cemetry at Allahabad, and the Parsi community are notorious for not allowing non-Parsis entry into their sacred places.

So it is very probable that

1) Shri Feroze Gandhi was a Parsi (Zorastrian) and his so-called marriage with Indira Gandhi (a non-Parsi) by "Vedic" rituals was ILLEGAL unless it is proved to be either (a) solemnised under Special Marriages Act 1872 or (b) under ARYA Marriage Validation Act 1939 as a marriage between 2 Hindus.

2) There is no evidence of solemnisation of any marriage between Feroze Gandhi and Indira Nehru under Special Marriage Act 1872, The marriage register under SMA is a public document open to inspection by anybody and I am reliably informed that nobody has seen any such record.

3) Feroze Gandhi could not have been a Hindu at time of his marriage (as Arya Marriage Validation Act requires) because the Parsis do not accept converts / reconverts and Feroze Gandhi was throughout a Parsi in his lifetime as proved by his burial in the Parsi cemetry at Allahabad, and declaration by his younger son Sanjay before the marriage officer that he is Parsi.

Indira Gandhi's biographer has also stated that the Vedic marriage between Feroze and Indira was a sham and illegal in law.

I can disclose much more, but if any Ld. IAC member wants to correct me at this stage please do so. I shall next examine the matter in context of Hindu Code where 1 parent is a Hindu and child (legitimate or illegitimate) is brought up as a Hindu. I shall also deal with the situation that Indira Gandhi was not a Hindu but something else.

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