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Re: 05 - Re: [rti_india] Information Commissioners need to tackle at least 4,000 complaints a year, says CIC


I think the disposal of 2nd appeals/complaints at CIC/SIC level can be greatly reduced if a proper system is used to dispose them. First, why are the PIOs/FAAs not required to submit their written submissions to 2nd appeals/complaints filed with CICs/SICs, whose copy is required to be sent to them under rules by the appelant/complainant, within some prescibed period say within one month of submission of 2nd appeal/complaint. If only this much is enforced, most of the 2nd appeals/complaints will get automatically disposed off. If, however, the appelant/complainant is not satisfied with such written submission, he should be required to further give his reasons for dissatisfaction and only thereafter should these be heard personally by CICs/SICs. The no of cases will thus reduce and people satisfacion increase greatly. During this hearing, CICs/SICs should really penalize PIOs/FAAs if they find them to be wrong.   mksinghal 

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Subject: Re: 05 - Re: [rti_india] Information Commissioners need to tackle at least 4,000 complaints a year, says CIC


The rising rate of 2nd appeals is because CIC/SIC do not impose the mandatory penalities,in fact i have noted that there is corruption even at this level though hard to prove, more and more PIO are getting immune to not parting with information or giving vague replies, as they are sure no penalities will be imposed upon them, if CIC/SIC make a mockery of RTI act what can the citizen accept, during my DOPT GOI, i was given to understand that there is no time frame for SIC/CIC to attend to complains u/s18 thus my  5 complains over two years now may have been put in the morgue, 5 2nd appeals order given "DECESION TO BE TAKEN" this also over two years 
DOPT clearly states that penalities are mandatory as per the RTI act, if penalties are strictly imposed
pendancies of 2nd appeals will drastically come down, this is the only solution,
the solution to clear 4000 cases a year  is not a solution, without application of mind one can clear 100 cases in a day, even OPD department's of Government hospitals are better.than Information commisioners all over India all chelas of the corrupt Government Officials, although i got a A grade in my DOPT exams and have a certificate, its like toilet paper to me.
Leslie Almeida

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