Saturday, January 30, 2010

[rti_india] Alacrity of Punjab Infocomm. (PIC) in passing order


Alacrity of Punjab Infocomm. (PIC) in passing order

The PIC has exhibited egregious alacrity in passing adverse order in CC 05 of 2009 titled "Kuldeep Singh Khaira vs PIO, DGP, Pb. Chd. The case was fixed for hearing on 28.01.2010 before the Bench of CIC Sh. RI Singh.

Out of the total about 15 cases fixed for hearing that day, the CIC has given special preference to this lone case, which was at Sl. No. 10 in the cause list. When the decisions of other cases are still awaited, the four-page detailed order of this single case posted with such a hurry certainly evinces towards some prior preparation. It is possible that hearing of the case might be just a formality. Technical language used in the order also indicates involvement of some external involvement in drafting it.

The CIC has established that application under the RTI Act, with the Central Head of the State, in respect of the whole State is not maintainable. One will have to approach each sub-ordinate Public Authority like SSP, DSP, SHO etc (for Police Deptt.) individually.

The order is bound to have long term consequences for us all. An application sent to District Chief shall be returned with directions to send the same to the respective subordinate office, and the applicant shall be made to shuttle from one office to the other. Other departments will also use it as a tool to harass the applicants and evade information.

Further, in the order with respect to the DGP office also, the CIC has ordered reckoning the limitation w.e.f. 28.1.10 (date of order) not the date of application.

Let's us all deliberate on the order and its repercussions, and search some solution for future.

Opinion is solicited from all friends on this decision.


Advocate Surinder Pal,

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