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[rti_india] Fw: Re: [Janshakti] Landmark RTI Judgement by Delhi High Court


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Subject: Re: [Janshakti] Landmark RTI Judgement by Delhi High Court
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Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 6:01 PM

Dear Mr Victor Cooper

May I take this opportunity to request you to support the online petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/jrandac1/petition.html
It is addressed to the President and PM of India to constitute a National Judicial Commission to try and punish guilty judges as per laws applicable to ordinary citizens.
regards n bw
On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 12:14 PM, Victor Cooper <victor99cooper@yahoo.com> wrote:

It is a judgement of great significance to the well -being of the citizen and the nation.  It is a great disappointment, however, that the Supreme Court is going to appeal to itself.  It would seem that it would be a highly irregular appeal also because, I feel, the judges cannot sit in judgement on matters that concern them.  In other words, they cannot be appellant and judge at the same time.  They must recuse.

It is a disappointment also because in a democracy there cannot be any person or authority beyond accountability.  The CJI has been reported defending his position citing USA and other advanced nations.  Well, those advanced nations have rigrous standards for selection, to begin with.  Thereafter, their systems are thoroughly monitored and appraised.  We, however, are a mango republic, well on its way to becoming straw.  We need even tougher standards if we are to remain a country and democracy.

It is greatly disappoing for the CJI to have said that the delays / miscarriage in justice in Ruchika case is an exception.  That clearly shows the CJI and many judges are living in a make-believe world.  That is all the more reason why we need GREAT transparency and accountability.  What exactly are the judges afraid of, anyway.

Not only greater accountability by way of RTI information and a transparent selection process, the judges (and politicians and burecrats) should be accountable to Civil and Criminal laws for misconduct, criminal breach of trust, acts not done in good faith.  The citizens face the music for their wrong acts ...... it is time those judges that play (rotten) music get to hear it themselves.




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