Thursday, January 28, 2010

[rti_india] Orphanages


This is a local,  decentralised activity and there is no way such a data can be pooled . I for instance, have been contributing Rs 90 every quarter by a debit to my bank account  as per standing instructions to SOS of India,without caring what SOS does with it in turn   . Of course, donor agencies (jncl: international agencies) would be keeping a  track on how their funds donated to a particular NGO or a group  of NGOs are being utilised .

I see no worthwhile purpose in anyone engaging in  this kind of stupendous activity unless of course misutilisation or diversion of monies donated for the cause by a NGO or other such civil society organisations  comes to the public notice .

Dr Arun Agrawal 

--- In, "r041051" <ramacchandran_r@...> wrote:
> There are good numbers of NGOs for the uplift of the orphans.
> We may donate huge sums and collect funds to educate them.
> Whether any followups were made to see if these orphans are married, setttled in life and in which way the NGOs helped these persons and how it worked hard to eduate the society?
> How many orphans found a family and settled is there any accounts available on this?



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