Saturday, January 16, 2010

Re: [rti_india] How to protect a whistle-blower howl!


Dear All,
Yes there is a dire need to be united as WHISTLE BLOWERS. Govt Officials to whom matters of fraud etc are reproted with documentry evidence fails to take action. Where they do so the process is very slow. In fact it is like passing the buck unless the WHISTLE BLOWER makes it very HOT for them to sleep over. 
We have exposed fraud , forgery in land deal od SALUNKE VIHAR , Survey No 19/1/2 Kondhwa pune and this involves more than rs 500 Crore as on date. Govt land granted for Occupancy Class 2 status was made freehold till exposed by us. A Sale Deed by the Promoter and Grantee was executed in 1997 by claiming as being the Owner having Clear Title and Absolute Right on the Government Land and also in violation to Section 54 of the Transfer of Property Act . Further Second Purchasers were shown as the Original Purchasers while paying the StaMP dUTY COLLECTIVELT ON 20 FEB 1997.
The Registrar Stamp  auth are aware of this but till date they have not initaited any action. Also the Divisional Commissioner of Pune and Collector fo Pune are aware that false data is being given to justify they claim of the Promoter and the society management and that the sale deed dated 20 feb 1997 contains fradulent claims, but they have bot taken any action. 
We feel insecure that we may not meet the fate of  My Shetty - RTI activist. If all the RTI Activisits join hand they we can end corruption and bring duilty to justice.
Look forward to response please. 
Lt Col ( retd) V K Johar

2010/1/16 baba insaafi <>

Mr shetty a prominent RTI activist was reported murdered . S.K. dubey , Sanjay Sing the forest officer and so many face the threat . This is because the whistleblowers are not united . The work is scattered . The groups remain isolated.
Now we are taking lead to coordinate all the groups in every city and village . Make every citizen an activist . Action aginst public wrongs will be taken by group .
The indian territory is facing problem of Land Mafia [land grabbers] , Road Mafia [defaulting road contractors], forest mafia[ wild life and tree smugglers] , building mafia [illegal constructions] , mines and coal mafia [ plundering natural wealth] .
we have to come together and fight this evil united and not individually. This will make an impact and reduce the risk of an individual being targetted.

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