Sunday, January 24, 2010

[rti_india] RTI Bar Council Maharashtra


Past history,
I had put up a dicipilanary Complain against a Lawyer at bar council Masharashtra had spend over Rs 2000
Rs 850 as fees, 7 sets of xerox charges, affidavite, travelling cost for 3 years the case up after a period of 9 months three hearings the Advocate did not turn up for a single hearing 3rd and final hearing was on 12.Feb2009 l;awyer again not present,presiding judge passed orders to put matter before bench of bar council. I had a water tight case,   in November 2009 I put up a RTI application on progress report on my case. no reply i filed first appeal got a letter from secretary of Bar council stating that they are going for appeal against CIC decision, and further to that they said the BAR COUNCIL IS DISSOLVED.
I found out that the Bar Council is very much in existance, if disolved how come secretary write to me,
and if disolved why would they go for Writ petition. as the going says Lawyers are liers, as thats their profession, any one having a good solution as i want to persue to the logical end . how can i let go this unscouplous advocate go scot free.
Leslie Almeida



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