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Whereas a fast track court will provide early relief to Ruchika's familiy, what is required (30 or 40 years ago) is a complete and thorough overhaul of the judicial system, because the rot is deep and complete.  Band-aid type "solutions" will only pull the wool over the citizens' eyes for a brief period till another Ruchika or Jessica or Pratibha turns up.  But, unfortunately, I doubt very much whether there will be the courage or intellect to do all that is required and necessary to save the country from ultimate citizens' uprising against the stench some years hence, and to play the dirty music to those that are playing it now.

Dr. Manmohan Singh was reported to have cribbed that the then PM did not let him do what should be done.  When he himself became PM in his first term, he complained that the left did not let him function.  He set up a "committee" to examine administrative reforms, when every child in every street knows what is wrong and what needs to be done.  In his present term, he is reported to have set a 100 day deadline for some sort of performance for his ministers.  Have we got any action on administrative reforms, on judicial reforms, on police reforms, ...... on ....., that the citizen so desperately needs so that he is not bullied, degraded, abused and otherwise made to suffer by the "upholders of the constitution."  Can the nation endure more Kodas, Sorens, Shabudins, Rathores, etc.?  How many such persons have been convicted and sent to jail since "independence"?


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The justice system in our country is clearly rotten set of rules which serves only those who have the money and influence  to approach court after court, engage obliging advocates who are nor true to their oath of serving the ends of justice and help the judiiciary unearth the truth and punish the guilty. In civil cases also many pass away from this world before getting justice. It is very doubtful whether poor Ruchika's case will also alter the position. In course of time as the proverbial short public memory turns away from this case it may fall  in unending imbroligo. Why can not the Supreme Court single out this case for fast track investigation and see that a senior judge of the High Court conducts day to day hearing to decide the case? It may turn the things for better if it is decided within a month whether Rathore is guilty or not. A beginning has to be made and this case certainly is one which should provide immediate justice to the bereaved
family or relief to Rathore family, if he is innocent. The Apex Court must be ready to take on the problem with the urgency it desrves. The nation is looking upto it.

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Such incidents and remarks by the Courts are freaky type and has no relation
whatsoever with meeting the objectives of judicial administration. There is
no need to be happy about one remark given by "a" Court and feel unhappy and
keep quiet if some other judge or group of judges or some other court(s) do
not meet the expectations of public outcry in a certain other case. Anyway
the Courts including Supreme Court are not giving judgement. They are giving
decisions which is something different from the real purpose of the
administration of justice. Review n number of cases and you will find the
same. Courts from one level to the other themselves keep changing the
decision of the previous court. What it means is that one must reach Supreme
Court as long as it is not in one's favour.

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This is a very welcome step taken by the Court.

However, the Home Ministry continues to remain completely behind the curve.
I mean if Mr. Rathore has already been convicted by a court, where then is
the need to ask him to "show cause" to strip his medal and to discontinue
his pension?


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*Fallout of Ruchika Case
Can't let bigwigs take law for a ride: HC

*Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service *

Chandigarh, January 3
Taking suo motu cognizance of Ruchika molestation case, the Punjab and
Haryana High Court has asserted that time has come to put on fast track
cases pending against

*the bigwigs — top cops, bureaucrats and politicians. *
*Less than a fortnight after ex-DGP SPS Rathore managed to get away with*

*a six-month sentence, and that too after a delay of 19 years,* in the

Ruchika case, Justice Ranjit Singh held the courts cannot absolve themselves
of the
*blame for allowing well-connected people to "circumvent the system" and
delay the investigations or even the trial. *

Putting on notice the Home secretaries of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh,
Justice Ranjit Singh also called for the details of all criminal cases
involving "highly connected people".
In his crisp order, Justice Ranjit Singh observed: "Bugged by delay in
deciding Ruchika case, the public at large is clamouring for the heads of
all those who were instrumental for the aberration. This case is prime
example of justice delayed is justice denied. Blame for this has to be
shared by all concerned, including the justice delivery system of the
courts." It is rightly noticed, and justifiably is cause of serious concern,
that powerful persons occupying high position have generally been able to
circumvent the system at all levels and at all stages, the judge observed.
"One would always hear the names of some police officers, some politicians
and other highly connected people, who have not allowed either the
investigation or the trial to reach the decision stage with requisite speed.
Courts cannot entirely absolve themselves of this blame."
Asserting that "Ruchika's case has shaken the conscious of the nation",
Justice Singh added: "Lest the courts are again caught up with a blame, I
deem it appropriate to suo motu put the states of Punjab, Haryana and the UT
to notice to furnish the details of cases pending against police officers of
the rank of superintendent of police and above, other officers (PCS and IAS)
in position and politicians, whose cases are pending adjudication with
delay, and the causes thereof. Let notice be issued to the Homes secretaries
for January 12, 2010, to provide the details."
The matter will now be placed before the appropriate Bench, in accordance
with the roster, after obtaining orders from Punjab and Haryana Chief
Justice Mukal Mudgal.
Govt takes tougher stance and granted him bail to enable him to challenge
the verdict.
The Law Ministry would soon invite comments on the draft and the Bill would
be finalised based on the views of the public and legal and crime experts.
The proposed special courts, which would be set up in every state, would
enjoy the powers of district courts. The number of such courts would be
decided by the respective state governments and the High Courts.
The Bill would incorporate some changes in Sections 53 and 146 of the
Evidence Act in order to provide protection to women victims during the
course of the trial.

http://www.tribunei 2010/20100104/ main7.htm

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