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[rti_india] Re: [rti4empowerment] FRAUD PLAYED ON COURT DUE TO COLLUSION, APPARNT FROM WRIT FILED IN H.C. DELHI [HumJanenge] Not oppossed to RTI - CJI says


Yes, we have to painful terms with the fact that many are not exactly judges .... those that are a resovior of knowledge, wisdom, foresight, humility, balance.  I am shocked to recently read a number of judgements in preparation for a case against a builder.  One cannot make the directors of a large Limited company stand trial because they themselves did not comit the alleged crime???!!! Then who should stand trial, the company itself?  Can we imprison a company if found guilty?  Shoulkd the peon or clerck stand trial?  

We have something more going on here that needs correction.  We need a strong and independent body that will oversee the judges and their judgements vis-a-vis the laws of the land, and whether they are said to have acted judicially, i.e. impartially,  in good faith, in accordance with precedents, and in accordance with the laws.

But I am not hopeful, because such issues should have been taken care of 30/40 years ago, and it probably is too late now, when the cancer has struck deep and wide.


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Subject: [rti4empowerment] FRAUD PLAYED ON COURT DUE TO COLLUSION, APPARNT FROM WRIT FILED IN H.C. DELHI [HumJanenge] Not oppossed to RTI - CJI says
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Yes dear Kurup, the CJI must accept that he allowed to file a Writ in
High Court Delhi against the order passed by Mr Wazahat
Habibullah,CCIC. CJI must also withdraw contempt proceeding against
CCIC., because filing of a writ against CCIC order before High Court
Delhi shows collusion in Judicial proceedings, which was committed by
none else but by Supreme court and literal meaning of collusion( As
has been interpreted by Supreme Court itself in various Judgments)
is fraud on court. And Mr Wazahat and Subhash Chandra Agarwal must
file case before High Court Delhi u/s 340 CRPC to punish the person
who committed perjury in judicial proceedings and played on fraud on
Dr JN Sharma

On 1/19/10, Col NR Kurup <colnrkurup@gmail. com> wrote:
> Fine. If so how did the issue reached Delhi High Court ? Did he mean to say
> that it was without his knowlege ? However his opinion that " the matter
> could be referred to Parliament to solve the problem. and we are not
> interested in a stay on proceedings or anything like that" appears to be the
> apt solution. Though late he might have realised that this fall under Nemo
> index in causa (Nobody shall be a judge in his own cause) If the Hon'ble
> Supreme Court is the agrrieved party, it cannot decide the case. The one
> and only option available to the Supreme Court is to appeal before the
> Parliament.



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