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Dear Friends
                  Yes U/s 7 (1) of the RTI Act,this information can be requested." Action taken report of the Police." The reply should be provided within 48 hrs of the receipt of the request.

From: Vikram Simha <>
Sent: Sat, 9 January, 2010 11:18:52 PM


Both These Two Mails Do not mention Whether The activists have used RTI in the instant Case , If So As tried Successfully already  In Karnataka, TN Provide exactly the Details of the Property Encroached/Grabbed  so that There will be a flood of RTI Applications from all Over the Country 
Next immediately move Your Information commission and ask To intervene By Writing   letters To Concerned . Take the Issue in Life and liberty Clause  and Seek Orders For police protection 

N vikramsimha ,Trustee RTI Study Center & KRIA Katte , #12 Sumeru Sir M N Krishna Rao Road , Basvangudi < Bangalore 560004.

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Dear Activists
                     Let us clearly convey these Goonda Elements that these cheap activities of theirs is not going to bring our spirits down in doing our social service and service to our India. They should not forget that " Pen is mightier than sword".

From: Daphne Warapen <dwarapen@yahoo.>
To: rti_india@yahoogrou
Sent: Sat, 9 January, 2010 7:27:37 PM


Dear all,
Ms.Nayana Kathpalia and Ms.Neera Punj are convenors of an NGO CITISPACE that has spared no efforts to protect open spaces from the builder, politician and mafia lobby. Open spaces being the lungs of this city are not only few in number as compared to the ratio expected for our people but are being encroached and manipulated to vested interests by dereservations, and other ploys. It is shocking to know that a civic activist (Ms Nayana Kathpalia) was threatened with a bullet shot at her home and another (Ms Neera Punj) threatened over the phone warning of grave consequences if they pursue to its logical end, a court case in slum rehabilitation matter.

Their only mistake was to have the interest of the am admi and justice at heart while protecting open spaces for you and me and the generation to follow. This is what happens when the vested interests collude with the people in power to wrest the rights of the common man. Of late such incidents have been occurring with regularity - activists and concerned citizens getting intimidated, threatened, beaten, false cases filed against them by the law-breakers. Many who have the courage to fight such injustice and irregularities at the government and corporation level, have been made victims of circumstances by greedy politicians, builders and their goons.
This is nothing short of an abuse of muscle and power with the lure of money. This is highly deplorable and need to be condemned in strongest words.

I urge all concerned citizens, activists and those who have the same ambition but are unable to come forward, to at least now unite under one banner and demand the safety of every activist and whistleblower and ensure that stringent action is meted out against those who harm or threaten them - may he be a bureaucrat, politician or the local goon.

It is evident and without any doubt that corruption, abuse of power, non-implementation of law, mal-administration and incompetency has permeated at every level of the governance system. The need of the hour is to stem this at the earliest for the future well-being of the common man and the nation.

I hope the Police Commissioner, the Home Minister, the Chief Minister and the Chief Justice of Bombay High Court take cognizance of this grave offence and ensure that with immediate effect, prompt action is initiated against anyone who threatens or harms an activist or a concerned citizen personally or through telephone, and that rule of law is maintained.

This attack on law abiding citizens of Mumbai who are striving to bring about some protection and save open spaces from the builder sharks,
Should be made a precedent and the perpetrators who dared to attack, should be brought to book immediately so that the person behind the scene with malafide intentions can be revealed. If the government and the police fail to wake up to his cause, more such threats will take shape. Activitits and citizens will be made to suffer for the failure and inaction of the government. Any delay and inaction will subtly send a wrong signal and there will be an increase in such crime. The Government should set up a cell immediately for the protection of Activists and Citizens and there will surely be a spurt in active citizens participating to curb and fight corruption at all levels.

We need to write letters to the CM-government of maharashtra, Home minister Govt.of Maharashtra and the Police Commissioner expressing our concern and the need to implement laws to protect activists and citizens.

Mrs.daphne warapen.

The INTERNET now has a personality. YOURS! See your Yahoo! Homepage.

The INTERNET now has a personality. YOURS! See your Yahoo! Homepage.

The INTERNET now has a personality. YOURS! See your Yahoo! Homepage.



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