Saturday, January 16, 2010

[rti_india] How to protect a whistle-blower howl!


Mr shetty a prominent RTI activist was reported murdered . S.K. dubey , Sanjay Sing the forest officer and so many face the threat . This is because the whistleblowers are not united . The work is scattered . The groups remain isolated.
Now we are taking lead to coordinate all the groups in every city and village . Make every citizen an activist . Action aginst public wrongs will be taken by group .
The indian territory is facing problem of Land Mafia [land grabbers] , Road Mafia [defaulting road contractors], forest mafia[ wild life and tree smugglers] , building mafia [illegal constructions] , mines and coal mafia [ plundering natural wealth] .
we have to come together and fight this evil united and not individually. This will make an impact and reduce the risk of an individual being targetted.

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