Wednesday, January 27, 2010

[rti_india] Re: Information Commissioners need to tackle at least 4,000 complaints a year, s


As this is the only thread this week which is even remotely connected to RTI - sigh !

1) In my experience, at least 30 minutes is required to *PROPERLY* dispose of a RTI Appeal at the CIC on HEARING basis. (Most of my matters usually exceed 30 minutes). Many of these cases require multiple hearings - my cases usually average 3 hearings per order. So I would say that about 10 - 15 appeal decisions per day is about the maximum what a good IC can be expected to do consistently. This translates to about 250 orders per IC per month or about 2500 decisions per year (incl holidays /other breaks).

2) As per CIC causelists, CIC(WH) hears 5 cases per day (spaced 30 mins apart), IC(AT) about 8 (spaced 15 mins apart) and IC(MLS) about 14 (spaced 20 min apart). The other ICs dont put up their causelists and should be sacked.

3) There is thus absolutely no basis for Shailesh Gandhi to state that an IC should be deciding 4000 appeals per year. We have all seen the pathetic quality of his cyclostyled decisions. 4000 means deciding cases in an anti-citizen manner - without affording hearing to appellants and by clubbing multiple cases together.

4) The meat of the Indian Express story was Shailesh Gandhi's admission that he was appointed through a flawed process "Even I was appointed through a flawed process.".

--- In, Bhaskar Prabhu <mahitiadhikarmanch@...> wrote:
> Dear Malay,
> This what we have been insisting in Mumbai and maharashtra., they should
> clear atleast 4000 appeals and complaints per year per commissioner. We
> keeping continuous pressure IC in Mumbai on the same matter.
> Bhaskar Prabhu
> Mahuiti Adhikar Manch



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