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Re: [rti_india] Re: IPO commision


Karnataka Does Not Have any Court Fee Stamps Because off the Telgi Issue .Some times People Tend to escalate their Localized Problems to All Levels and Wish that they Can Be Settled in their own Course   
let Us think That The state To which Mr Raja Belongs  has Enough Stock of Rs 10/- IPO But An very Conscious Deception has Been Taken that They have to Move all Stock of Lower Denomination IPO's  as They are also cost Conscious and another Person has Made an RTI Application about the Huge and Unmoved Stocks Being Held in All Postal Stock Rooms    
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Dear Raja

As you know this group is not like other RTI groups. If you want a conventional answer you can read this
http://www.rtiindia .org/forum/ 51331-drafting- right-informatio n-india-post. html

In my view you are a baby. What is worse is that you are a cry baby.
The RTI Rules generally allow you to pay in cash, bankers cheque (ie. D/D, LPO) and now by IPO.

Is there any rule / law which says that IPOs of all denominations must always be in stock at each and every post office of the country? In the absence of any statutory obligation of the Post Office to keep IPOs of each and every denomination available just so that people like you can file RTIs from any post office in India, it is always open to you to use one of the other forms of payment if you have a problem with IPOs.

The charging a Rs 1 commission per IPO is perfectly reasonable. The Postal dept incurs a cost of Rs 3 for every small denomination IPO it sells. So the more RTIs Mr Raja Bunch files the greater is the burden on honest taxpayers and responsible RTIers.

The Court fee example is irrelevant. Virtually all small value court fee stamps in the country are fake (Telgi) and go directly into the pocket of the vested interests.


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> Friends
> Today I went to buy a few IPOs of Rs 10/ for RTI at IC Colony PO.
> Were not available.Only for Rs 2/ were available.Asked when did the last stock come, was told,Feb 2/10. Shocking aspect was this that we have to pay a comm of Re 1. whereas the printing is only Re.0.50. Even if you buy IPO worth Re/1 comm is Re 1/ For any Denomination.
> When we buy any Court Fee stamp or any stamp from the vendor we need not pay any comm. Is their any regulation in this. ie. If I want to file an RTI and only Re 1/ denomination IPO is available,I have to pay Rs20/
> Regards
> Bunch

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