Monday, April 12, 2010

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On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 7:20 AM, Satish Kumar Kapoor <> wrote:

Dear All,

Inspite of objections to UID, I think it is must to curb black money, corruption and illegal migrants.

So who has the most black money, surely not the average poor person. Will this UID stop the real black markeeters, i think not , in fact i think it will make their life easier as the Govt will redirect its efforts at finding out all the paltry defaulters who did not pay their 1 paisa tax.

How will this stop corruption. I foresee a huge trade in fake UID's (not fake fake but those that the responsible agencies decide to provide even though they are not meant for honorable purposes)

Who pray are illegal migrants, if you think all the rich and upper middle class are going to give up all the cheap labour they get from the desperately poor people who influx into a) country or city then think again, In fact they will be the first to get fake id cards for their cheap labour.

Today i speak multiple indian langauges, without an accent i can be a north india or south indian without bias. Tomorrow i will be pigeonholed as a xxx person to be denied benefits because someone does not like the look in my biometric scanned features. A tick mark against my (or any ones name) will be enough to destroy whatever benefits are your due because you refused to pay a bribe, looked a senior official in the face, wrote a letter of protest or heavans forbib maybe filed an RTI that was troubling some Nalikini (no sic)


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